Best Speed Square Reviews 2018

I spend the many hours to search out the different types of squares for Selection Guidance. My finding result are below in which i provides the Top Squares that available in market with different working requirements.

5: MAXTECH 18140MX 4-in-1 Multi Square:

MAXTECH 18140MX 4-in-1 Multi Square

This speed square made with highly durable Pure aluminum frame that provide heavy duty ABS Measurement. Both handler user easily use this square due to Double sided tape lock ( Right and Left ). This square specially design for measuring piping and conduit because this company provide Integrated v-groove on bottom. Square straight and lockable edges make easy to guide Multi-square on subjected surface without using other tools for handling.

As per features you can use this square as framing square, tri square, mitre square and protractor square. Very light in weight and ideal helper for every skilled Craftsmen to measure the critical surface in easy way. One of the useful handy tool and Craftsmen toolbox is not complete without the Maxtech 18140MX 4-in-1 Multi Square.


  • Light in weight but great help to measure all critical surface.
  • Both Left and right handle use it due to dual sided tape lock.
  • An integrated V-groove is located at the bottom for measure pipes and conduits.
  • Use as framing square, tri square, mitre square and protractor square.
  • Useful handy tool 16′ SAE/MM tape measure, T-bevel and carpenters square.

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4: CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square:

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

The CH Hanson Pivot Square is best for accurate measurement of cut lines in either-Degree or roof pitches. This model provides you easy marking on any degree due to its locking mechanism. Similarly, in this square Three VU resistant vials help you identify easily measure the roof pitches, angles, indicate grade, facilitate miter cuts for accurate leveling and plumbing cuts. This square comes with pouch for easy to carry with all protection of other tools like marking pencils and technical guide.

Its looks like beautiful as well as construct with finest machined aluminum alloy that provide long durability. This square very light in weight and provide you great help to complete your work with accurate measurement. In short, we say that the CH Hanson 03060 is the best value speed square that to fulfill your invested money worth.


  • Positive lock and machined scale with 1.12 lb weight only.
  • Comes with high quality pouch for easy to carry along all tools.
  • Made with pure machined aluminum alloy.
  • Integrated with locking mechanism that help you in accurate marking.
  • Work fast with accurate identification of roof pitches and angles.

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3: Swanson Tool S0101CB Speed Square Layout Tool:

Swanson Tool S0101CB Speed Square

This Swanson square comes in 7 inch length and manufacture in USA with finest quality aluminum alloy. The skilled craftsmen use this square for try square, miter square, protractor, saw guide and line scribe. This model already has best rating on amazon due to working accuracy and easy in use. The square comes with detailed guide book that contain 62 pages and provide extremely help in straight measuring while construction of roofs and stairs. The reference diagrams, and tables also part of square that provide you ideal referencing for correct measurement.

The 7 inch Swanson square also comes with 6 inch combination square provides straight edge. This combination use for Miter Square, Line Scribe, Try Square and Depth Finder and provides extreme accuracy in all mentioned tasks. This product is really a good value for your money that you spend for achieve target measurements.


  • Provide extreme accuracy in measurement on all critical surface.
  • Light in weight but great companion of skilled craftsmen.
  • Comes in both style 7 inch tool and 6 inch combination tools.
  • 62-page Blue Book provides vital instructions, reference diagrams, and tables for guideline.
  • Made in USA with high quality aluminum alloy.

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2: Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool:

Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square

This square have adjustable features with 10-3/4″ base length and 6-3/4″ ruler length that provides you maximum accurate measurement. The outer base made black color aluminum alloy with yellow graduations provides maximum readability in all light conditions. This square design as multipurpose usage also comes with guider book and saw diagram. Light in weight and easy to carry with quick adjustable tools. The degree adjuster fix on main frame which provide you easy approach to set on require degree for accurate marking. You can use this speed square as bevel and protractor.

The Heavy-duty aluminum construction provide durability and makes this model more reliable in all atmosphere. You can use this square usually for measuring of roof pitch as valley and hip scales or handling many other tasks. The one of the great tools that use as ideal helper for skilled craftsmen. 


  • Easy adjustable with smooth movement while degree setting.
  • Base length is 10-3/4″ and a rule length is 6-3/4″ for accurate measurement.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum making provide durability.
  • Yellow digits on black base provide maximum readability.
  • Use as jack, hip and valley scale so handle many kind of tasks.

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1: Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book:Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square

Swanson on of the best and trusted company to produce speed square on market due to quality level and square accuracy in working. In this model Swanson provide you 7 inch Speed Square Layout Tool with blue book guider with reference diagrams that provide you grater help in building of stairs and roofs. Easy in use and carry even fit in your pocket due to smart size and light in weight that only 1.2 pounds. This square have ability to use as framing square, tri square, mitre square, and protractor square. 

The outer layout made with aluminum alloy that provide amazing durability and quality standard. One of the most helpful tools for skilled craftsmen to make their work more accurate and fast. This model have more perfection even provide accurate measurements on all 360 degree surface.


  • 7 inch square layout tools with smart size.
  • Easy to adjustable due to movable angle.
  • Light in weight with smart size, only 1.2 Lbs weight.
  • Make with high quality aluminium for durability.
  • Use as framing square, tri square, mitre square, and protractor square.

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Importance of Speed square:

The Speed ​​Square is one of the technical tools for measuring anything in angles and degree that usually have all types of woodworker and craftsmen. This is a convenient device that will save you both time or money and provide max accuracy. You can avail this valuable tool at lowest price only $ 9 in 7 inches and 20$ for 12 inch big. If these heavy-duty aluminum squares are now in smart size and can easily set your pocket.

Other hand the Swanson company offerings that speed square in the plastic form with the same body function. Some even integrate the block level so that you can use them in additional ways. We have these squares have received a professional rating of 9/10 with their ruggedness, ease of use and dependability. They have working rating a high 10/10 because they are the best products on the market price and represent incredible professionals values.

For proper guidance, the square comes with blue books for you these tools are accompanied your working with efficient way. In short, that is handy tools little in size but if you see its outputs then that is valuable tools for all technical staff.

What does a Speed Square look like?

Speed Square is American Product its look like a Triangle scale. It is use in the dimension of basic measurement and marking lines. You can also use as a drawing guide for 45 and 90 degrees. Speed Square builds with long-term heavy aluminum Gauge alloy. The great tools for help is measuring Length specially in roof construction. On Square mention some number that you can easily read. 

Measuring with Square Tips:

  • Check Square Accuracy.
  • Length Board Making.
  • Wall Cutting Measurement.
  • Find Center point of Circle.

Checking a square for accuracy

Before you use the frames, make sure it is accurate. On linearity in linear language. Then drag the tongue over the edge, and draw another line down the blade of the same spot. If the lines are parallel, the square is true, but if they make the X or V, it is turn off.

Length Board Making

Make quick and straight lines ripping off the board. Combination of shelf standards for holes line from Square. First, change the Pitch, so blade project in the right distance from the head. Then hold your pencil before the finish and runner is square along the body. It also works on speed Square.

Wall Cutting Measurement

For correct wall that the upper part of T is place on the edge of the Circle and Hold Blade with Hand. Utility knife, scoring paper on the front, snap back cover to V, and reach more score paper in the valley. Now place the sheet in another way to release it and use square quarries.

Find Center point of Circle

The corner angle of the square starts at the edge of the circle. Next, the mark where the blade and tongue pass out of the circle. Connect these two points to the correct line, then move on the square and do it again. Where the two diameter lines cross the circle is consider the center point.

Measuring Roof Pitches with Speed Square:

The best rating speed is quite expensive, which quickly begins to get any roof. The key is a protractor function that identifies the common and rare roof pitches. So the common roof square is measured by the textbook guidance above the protractor. Common roof pitches set as grow inches over a twelve-inch run. You will find this reference for common rafters between 1 inch and 30 inches. The above common manual is the HIP-VAL manual, which is to determine the front to end location of the roof.

Another really good feature of the speed squares is the diamond cut, which is found on the edge of the ruler. Many of the best speed square kits on the market carry this Swanson patented feature. The diamond cut is applied to the pitch line that is drawn across the board will allow you to make a 90-degree line perfectly on your line on the edge of the board. If you need to search the surface level, but for some reason, you do not have a bladder level, you can improve the speed of the pitch and plumb-bob.

Bottom Lines:

The reviews of speed square wrote upper site is not exhaustive, but you get the idea. The best quality speed square option is the upper line of tools by reputable manufacturers that provide excellent customer satisfaction. You can agree that this tool is accurate and suitable for all types of wood. The best speed pitch you’ll find specially designed to make the roof work easier.

For those who need more help to pick up many options available on the market, we have been able to research and determine some of the best options that can be considered. You know that one size does not fit everything, so what is the ideal speed square one carpenter might not necessarily be suitable for the other.

One of the main issues in the selection of a square is the project that is intended. Other considerations include materials, weight, durability and perhaps costs. Once you’ve selected your speed pitch, enjoy the greater flexibility you experience in this all-in-one tool for your woodwork and carpentry projects.

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