Best Wood Routers Tested & Reviews in 2018

10: Makita RF1101 2-1/4-Horsepower Variable Speed Router:

Makita RF1101 Horsepower Variable Speed Router

That is low capacity wood router usually use for slightly little tasks at home and work place. Its comes with 15 Amp motor that produce 22000 rpm for smooth rotation without any hurdle. The upper base provide 0″” – 2-3/4″” plunge depth capacity for easy penetration into work piece. Inner area contain linear ball bearing that provide smooth plunge action and superior performance. Easy to adjust and fix plunge on required depth and quick release with push button.

Very comfortable in handling which make with Ergonomic rubber as per large hand sizes as well as switch that provides total control. The plunge lock lever provide you efficient operation with easy adjustment of required areas. The outer base construct with hard plastic and lower case made with aluminum for more reliable quality.


  • Comes with 15 Amp motor that produce 22000 rpm.
  • Powerful rotation easy penetrate all types of wood.
  • 0″ – 2-3/4″ plunge depth capacity
  • 1/4″ Collet sleeve insert with 1/2″ Collet cone
  • Locked able all Plunged bases that provides more focus on target.

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9: Milwaukee 5625-20 15 Amp 3-1/2-Horsepower Fixed Base Variable Speed Router with T-Handle:Wood router Milwaukee 5625 2015

The 5625-20 model made with solid aluminum base and sealed ball bearings with a strong 8 foot cable. The set includes a router, 2.5-inch sub-base, a 0.5-inch collet, wrench and a T-handle wrench. The 36 level speed dial allow the user to perform the rpm diameter for consistent completion.

While the electronic connection keeps the power and speeds Continuity. There is a heavy duty 3.5 HP fixed base router with a strong 15 amp motor electronic variable speed, ranging from 10,000 to 22,000 rpm. The adjustment system allows access to the “top-table” for quick and accurate correction.

It is equipped with a linear depth regulation system equipped with a 1/64-inch switch micro-depth, plus its soft start.


  • Manufacture in China.
  • 3.5 HP Heavy motor.
  • Durable and high quality martial use in outer base.
  • Speed variable from 10000 to 20000
  • Approx 12 pound weight and 9 inch in height.
  • Long turn with 5 Year Warranty.

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8: DEWALT DW618B3 12 Amp 2-1/4 Horsepower Plunge Base and Fixed Base: DEWALT DW618B3 12 Amp 2.4 Horsepower Plunge Base and Fixed Base

The DeWalt router kit has three base to handle many task and provide a professional level of quality. The set is a fixed base, plunge base and D-handle base for more accurate handling. The D-handle combines the trigger replacement with the block function.

The more have 2.25 HP 12-amp variable-speed ensures power capacity. Its most suitable for extra heavy wood. The router offer full handling control to maintain constant velocity from 8,000 to 24,000 rpm. Its soft in start and increase torque rotation for better control. The unit provide accurate depth adjustment of 1/64-in-frequency. Its made with a clear sub-base that provides visibility and durability.

Its also provides standard textbooks manuals for more help in operate. The Stove Dust suck system collects almost all dust to ensure work continuity. Each base kit conjunct with rubber over lock tools. The low center of gravity make better balance, control and comfort.


  • 2.25 HP heavy motor with Variable speed provide power in rout to cut harder woods easy.
  • Smooth and Ideal handling to control load under 8000 to 24000 rpm.
  • The D-handle trigger switch with lock-on feature.
  • Vacuum system collect all dust and provide max bit visibility.
  • The pushing button soft in pressing.
  • Outer base is durable due to high quality material.

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7: Bosch MRC23EVSK 2.3 HP Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base:

Bosch MRC23EVSK 2.3 HP Combination Plunge & Fixed-Base

The Bosch MRC23EVSK is a 2.3 HP router have a soft starting motor that work from 10,000 to 25,000 rpm. You can pick with a spring locking flat lever, a deep rod and plug that makes this router the latest product. The control system features powerful control and better griping.

The two-stage fast clamp system provides quick and instrumental connection. The MRC23EVSK provides base change adjuster with 1 5/8-inch clip. Fixed base wrench best for standard router table. Its reverse micro deep rod allows for easy movable of any hard condition.

The Bosch MRC23EVSK kit comes with a fixed base router and plunge router. Its comes two copper sticks, a collet nut wrench, a T-heener jacket, and foam nuts. That is  ideal product for any craftsmen to handle many types of task.


  • 2.3 HP Motor and run on 10,000 to 25,000 rpm.
  • Easy to handle due to comfortable trigger.
  • The outer base made with hard material.
  • All button easy in press and made high quality.
  • This router also have vacuum system that reduce duct.
  • Reasonable price if compare router features.

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6: DEWALT DW616 1-3/4-Horsepower Fixed Base Router:

DEWALT DW616-Horsepower Fixed Base Router

The DEWALT DW616 1-3/4- is a 1.74 HP router Very easy in staring and motor work on 11 rpm. Its easy to handle with spring locking flat lever, a deep rod and plug make this router different from other. The handling and controlling of this router makes with latest gripper trigger.

The updated clamp system provide great connection on working task. The DEWALT DW616 1-3/4 provides base change adjuster with 1-3/4-inch clip. The Fixed base wrench best for standard router table. Its reverse micro deep rod allows for easy movable of any hard condition.

The DEWALT DW616 kit comes with a fixed base router and easily adjustable from 1/64 inch increment. This Ideal for easy and standard task. You can easy to handle with 1.74 HP motor. This product available in ideal price if compare the features.


  • Easy to handle and smooth in play.
  • No any extra sound of motor.
  • Fixed base router and good for medium level of working.
  • Light weight with 1.74 HP motor and work on 11 rpm.
  • Hard materiel care motor and inner point.
  • Affordable product.

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5: Bosch Colt Palm Grip PR20EVSK 5.6 Amp 1-Horsepower Fixed-Base:

Bosch Colt Palm Grip PR20EVSK 5.6 Amp 1-Horsepower router

The Bosch PR20EVSK is Smart in size, but Its performance same as like heavy size router. The PR20EVSK is very famous brand of router on amazon and its 1.0 HP motor add in small routers class. It motor speed 5.6 amp with speeds ranging 15,000 to 35,000 rpm.

The great feature of this router electric circuit maintain speed under load. The router is amazing and provide maximum handling during trimming, window cutouts, slot cutting, decorative inlays and much more. It also provide depth adjustment system in addition to finger support pockets.

It is made with an aluminum that provide durability. A soft grip provide comfort in handling. The router kit includes a drop-forged collet and shaft wrenches, straight-edge guide fixed base, collet and case. This router available in very reasonable price and dnt waste time and buy this model.


  • Smooth in use with comfortable handling.
  • Small size provide easy in portable.
  • 1.0 HP motor light in weight but heavy duty.
  • Easy to start and sound less motor.
  • Hard outer body case durable in quality.

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4: DEWALT DW618PK 12-AMP 2-1/4 HP Plunge and Fixed-Base:

DEWALT DW618PK 12-AMP HP Plunge Router

The 2.25 HP DEWALT DW618PK is a powerful easy in handle even cut out hardwoods with full control router. It has 12 amp electronic variable speed motor range of 8,000 to 24,000 rpm. It is ability a soft start with ensure safety and control. The router allow fast change DeWalt router’s bits and bases.

They have 0.25 / 0.5-inch collets with better resistance and a bit of retention. Its have adjustable tool for free motor Cam Lock that helps make in-depth regulation. It made with a comfortable handle with largest controlling and easy-to-use.

Along with vacuum system for indivisible dust collection. These types of features allows excellent little visibility as well as excellent protection.


  • Easy to handle and control even in hard surface cutting.
  • All tools quickly replaced and adjustable.
  • Handle nay types of task due to fixed and variable base model.
  • High quality vacuum system that provides more protection and working continuity.
  • 2.25 HP motor provides ideal power and retention.

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3: PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router:

PORTER-CABLE 690LR 11-Amp Fixed-Base Router

This model comes with 1.75 HP Motor that provide power full bit rotation. That is fixed base unit and generate 27,500 rpm to provides smooth cutting without any vibration. This model famous due to power and work efficiency so its more appropriate multiple wood task. Its durable and easy to operate with smooth staring.

The outer body makes with aluminum that provide more durability. In this model all button contain strong dust seal so this features makes your unit clean from inside. The router have 0.25 inch and 0.5 inch bit shank capacity for more versatility and performance.

Both soft trigger provide more comfort during work and makes your outcomes more efficient. This model very ideal to handle more burden in wood tasks.


  • Comes with 1.75 HP Motor capacity provide powerful rotation.
  • Single speed motor produce 27,500 rmp.
  • Accurate working within 1/128 inch.
  • Capacity 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch shank bits.
  • Measuring roll provide accurate measurement.

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2: Bosch 12 Amp 2-1/4 Combination Horsepower Plunge and Fixed Base:

Bosch 12 Amp 2 Combination Horsepower Plunge Router

This model highly powerful comes 2.25 HP Motor with plunge and fixed base. In this you can avail both types of handle like wooden handle in fixed base and soft rubber handle attached with plunge base. The outer base made with high quality aluminum that allow this model heat less and durable.

Its work on variable speed feature in which you can Change speed with dial button as per natures of wood surface. The speed range start from 8000 and reached at 25000 rpm maximum. In this model Constant response circuitry builtin fix that provide help to maintain constant speed during task completion.

Soft start function provide you more protection and batter handling during smooth wood cutting. The software side handles and double insulation make this model comfortable with batter griping. One of the best router model for those who want for daily huge consumption as well as power and durability.


  • More powerful 2.25 HP Motor make this model durable and heavy task handler.
  • Its versatile speed range of 8,000 to 25,000 RPM.
  • Aluminum construction makes this more durable and ideal for many types of wood working.
  • Wooden handles on a fixed base and a soft-grip handle on a plunge base.
  • Collet Capacity on wood surface is 1/4inches, 3/8inches, 1/2 inches, 8 millimeters.

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1: DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit with LED’s:

DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router

The Dewalt company very famous in router production field and introduce many durable models. This model provide you high quality and work as great helper for every skilled craftsmen. This unit has 1.25 HP motor power that generate smooth and efficient Blade rotation. The soft push starting have electric feed back function in which motor maintain their speed till cutting.

This model also offer variable speed function that help you to change motor speed as per task nature. The speed range of this model start from 16,000 rmp and max reach at 27,000 rmp. You can also adjust fixed and plunge base with single and soft switch. This features make it more ergonomic and able to comfortable for different task with many ways.

This router also have dual LED that makes your point more visible for accurate cutting result. The low contoured handle makes your grip more strong with controlled handling while cutting.


  • The 1.25 HP powerful motor that provide smoothness even in toughest surface.
  • Variable speed control feature able bit speed makes more useful as per task.
  • Generate rmp 16000 to 27000 max.
  • Frequently electronic feedback help to maintains motor speed through the cut.
  • Dual LED’s and clear sub-base ensure maximum visibility During Task.
  • Standard fix base allow 1.5″ depth and 2″ depth allow in plunged base.

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Point in Mind the Time of Purchase Wood Router:

  • Horse Power
  • Router Size
  • Outer Base
  • Speed Variation
  • Bits Size
  • Convenient for Objected Work
  • Easy to Start
  • Easy in use
  • Less Cost
  • Meet your Skill

Horse Power:

One thing keep in mind during Buy Wood Router is “Horse Power”. Each model own horse power. Horse Power Examine the Router power and heavy work ability. More power full router smooth working and easy to cut any hard wood. Motor Power start from 1.0 HP and required 5 amp for small Wood router. You must Keep in mind Horse Power as per your working hardness. More Heavy and High Horse Power Router also have some (Cons) as well. Heavy Motor Makes your router more larger in Size. For this router required heavy tools and makes your work more Complicated.

Router Size:

Size is other one most important. Larger size Router Best for working on router table. They have heavy motor and huge Horse power. Its best for heavy and Hard work on time with easy way. In this router you can use Larger Bits for Cut more Larger and Hard wood. With this router you can work smooth on table and Use heavy Bit to Finish hard work efficiently. Usually Larger router motor have 1.5 to 2.25 HP. On other way Small router Usually use for Little Section of wood Piece. Use Small bit size that can easily cut down little woods and you can easily carry on hand.

Outer Base:

If you feel the base selection is difficult. You should keep in mind the purposes that you will use the tool. Different router available model for different task. Both fixed base models and plunge base routers have their advantages. So you need to find out the bases of which one is best suited for your needs. You need to know two different main differences. Generally, a fixed base router is usually used in the router table. Other hand the plunge router is use for handheld tasks. In fix base model the router fix in required depth and bit easy removed as per your working tasks. Other side A plunge router provides you to plunge required bit down insert the wood piece and cut then bit back.

Speed variation:

The variation in speed play vital role in work efficiency. Speed direct integrate with bit rotation. When to slow the speed then bit rotate slow and wood cut easily but not fast. Other hand when speed high the bit rotation increase so more wood are removed. So speed is important point time to buy the router because its directly effect your working task. When you use larger size bit then speed should must slow, this thing not create extra burden on motor.

Bits Size:

A bit size is very important for the type of router you want buy. The common sizes of bits are 0.25 and 0.5-inch. You will have to keep in mind while buy the router is suitable for your projects s per bit usage on it. Usually 0.5-inch size is much easy to find in market, Because professional commonly use this size. You can also check the router little overview of how other craftsmen use certain bits. One great thing now many latest routes come in both 0.25 and 0.5-inch bits sizes. This thing makes router more useful and also able to handle different types of projects.

Convenient for Objected Work

The wood router must be convenient for you and your required task. That is very important you should must find model that you can operate without hassles. In latest router model you can avail dust control. During wood cutting produce a lot of wood dust so you must buy a model that have vacuum with motor. This thing will also reduce breathing issues and also maintain your health. With this types of model you can also continue your working without any dust issue.

Easy to start

The easy start is important for protection and Fine cutting. That function provides many models. The motor slow and gradually to reach the desired speed. The sudden high Speed makes the unit is hard in handling . This feature provides the life of your router by reducing your router motor Strain. Its feature very useful if you using large bit size on your router.

Easy in use

The Comfort you feel when using a router is an important factor that is likely to match your specific task. You will be able to create projects better efficiency. How do you want to be, because you better control and handling in machine. The router, which will be convenient for you, will also help you to keep your security. You should find a model that suits your comfort, which is base on size, shape and strength.

Less cost

Many people do not consider purchasing their router value. But finding fit model in budget are most important. If you are one of those buyers who are looking for a strict budget. You should also make sure that you will find the highest quality router in your price range. If the budget is not a factor, feel free to shop the best features you need. What a large budget does not mean that you should get a flashiest craftsman’s router. You still need to make sure that the require need fulfill the router within your available Budget.

Meet your Skill

You must consider your own skill level and experience can use this wood routers when deciding to buy a new one. If you have no experience you own ability then you may simply need to upgrade. Either you must this thing keep in mind how your own skill match to the router you want to buy. The router is main tool for you process, but how you handle the tool without knowing your own ability. Don’t try without experience and need to buy powerful unit. If you believe your own comfort and physical features or skill level.

Why wood router important:

The wood router has many advantage in wood cutting and productivity some main advantages are given below with detail:

Minimum Wastage of wood:

The wood route is accurate in cutting so enough to lower the cost that you wasted dust. When working with the router, producing of wood waste can stop and save money. Your working on wood more accurate with minimum time cast.

Accuracy and work quality:

The wood router provides you excellent working quality a professional standard shape with accuracy in minimum time. Similarly If wooden routes are used, the large number of wood tasks can be completed in a short time, precision and flawlessly. The chances of error are reduced when using them.

Increase Productivity: 

With this machine you can easily increase your productivity level with accuracy working finish. The router is more powerful from other molding or cutting tools so provide you more output in short time. In short Wooden routers are suitable for accuracy and quality of performance.

Moreover, mass production may be used to facilitate the reduction of any unnecessary costs that may be generated in the use of labor. Besides, the human error margin decreases according to the best wooden routes.

Flexibility and easy in use:

This machine very easy to use and more customization features for increase working betterment. Anyone efficiently uses this machine from beginner to professional Because of its use for primary working tasks as well as all types of skilled jobs completions.

Worker Safety:

The wood router provides the user fully protection during work if users following the guidelines. Its also offer you strong griping that you keep away any slipping or mishandling issues.

Wood router safety tips for maintain efficiency:

Some main component you must be clean after some days, that is essential router long life and maintain working efficiency. These components briefly describe in below lines.

Router Bits:

As there is Bit place where most of the task is accomplished, it requires special attention, care and maintenance. When the router is used continuously, the grime, pitch and the dirt start to combine then carbide edges a bit. Even though it creates a layer, it will be a little hot when it works and gradually loses its sharpness. In order to avoid this problem, regularly use the copper brush for clean the bit along with cleaning solutions and make edges sharp.

Collet and Shaft:

That is the contact point for a router and bit, So its look fully maintains with accurate adjustment. During work the corrosion or dust enter inside the collet on end shaft, they will reduce the efficiency of the collet to expand or release the shank. This can cause a bit may slip from collet or stuck much time. So you have to give some time to keep the nut open, and collet remains wash from washroom solvent. Then you use a brush inside the shaft for cleaning.


The base of your router directly proportions smooth working with proper fitting on the wood surface. It’s also the main thing that remains router durable with better gripping. The maintained base controls the vibration while cutting any types of surface. So proper clean outer base and makes contacted seals maintenance provide you better work outputs with comfort-ability.


This part related to motor efficiency and speed adjustment, If you observed that router motor is excessive sound and the power is reduced, then the brushes cause the problem. You need to change the brushes if you want to do it. This maintenance increase your motor picking and speed efficiency during the work.


At this point, I’m sure you’ve already selected the best wood router for you. Following carefully reading wood router reviews, critics of users, and pros and cons, you are probably able to make this decision. Also, I hope that a guide for our beginners will help you learn three types of routes and how to use them. In the end, we talked about everything you need to know to start woodworking with proper knowledge.

Of course, all the skills need time to master, but each of them can quickly get acquainted with it. Think about your preference and your needs when it comes to wooden material. This will help you pick an Ideal router easier.

Bottom line:

In short wording we want to say at the end, you can not choose the best wood router that perfects from all corners! We already know after readout best wood router reviews, apparently, are all the routers have own pros and cons. This is the user’s decision, which features attract him and who does not. You will find these instructions useful for maintaining your selection, safety, and wood router. We hope that this article provide you great help to choose router as that full fill your working requirements!

Are you Beginner in woodworking or buy the first-time wood router? Have you tried the wood router purchase decision then discussed us? What are your favorite types a fixed base or plunged base router? Please note that you can join us in conversation via comment below. I will thoroughly try to solve your issue and hurdles in selections or buying process.

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