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5 Best Drill Press Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

As the name suggests, a drill press is a machine or tool used for drilling holes.

Drill presses feature fixed stands where materials are secured before holes are drilled in them.

Drill presses are better than hand drills because of they are more accurate and powerful.

Best Drill Press

The design and construction of a drill press was engineered to deal with metal working trades but this tool now is capable of handling versatile tasks with varied tools, attachments and jigs.

If you are a woodworker or deal in working with metals, drill press reviews suggest that it is the most important tool in your workshop. This machine not only drills in to metals but it is also used to bore holes in wood work pieces and can carry out varied tasks like sanding and mortising

Learning how to use a drill press to get precise drilling results that you may not find with other tools. Not only because of its power and accuracy but it is also liked by professional craftsmen for its easy and simple operation.

Top 5 Best Drill Press Recommendation

So you see, finding the right drill press for your needs can be a confusing decision as there are many important factors to be considered. This guide will help you become aware about each factor. You will be informed about the important details that will make your buying process smooth. This is a general guide that is useful for deciding which drill press is most suitable for you. It considers some important and basic factors that must be considered before one buys a drill press. Let’s have a look!

WEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

WEN Drill Press is a brand that is making a name for itself by offering a quality tool at a very affordable price. This particular model has enough power to get through most materials, and can give users accurate and repeatable holes with an amount of precision that you cannot get when using a handheld drill.

This an option that you can use in your workshop or take with you if you need it for your career as well, making it a quality item that is well worth every cent if you are looking for a tool that you can take with you.

This is a quiet yet powerful tool that users love. It was made with ease of use in mind and can help you move through tasks quickly. The motor is a 2/3 HP motor, which is fantastic for the price range. The roller on the table moves and adjusts easily and it has a flat base. It is a drill press that is made with solid construction, which is perfect since durability is important in shop tools. 

Assembly is required but assembly is incredibly easy to do by yourself. If you have a limited budget but still want a drill press, this is a surprisingly amazing tool considering its low cost.

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 continually offers best-selling products at a reasonable price for their customers. This drill press was made with precision in mind, offering a laser to help ensure the hole is going where intended to help ensure accuracy. It has a depth adjustment system that is easy to adjust to get the hole exactly as deep as you need it, and can do so for consecutive holes afterwards. It has a 5 speed motor that goes between 750-3,050 RPM and can go through most materials that you need it to. The work table is able to be tilted from 0-45 degrees, both left and right.

With a 3 year limited warranty and amazingly quality construction, it also is compatible with other drill bits to get exactly what you want done. This is a drill press that offers excellent quality at an excellent cost. They also have amazing customer service that quickly responds to customers to ensure their satisfaction. It is very easy to assemble and use, which is very important to customers. This drill press comes at an amazing price and offers a quality much better than expected. It is easy to use, allowing you to switch between speeds easily. This is a great model to consider.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

Wen 4210 Drill Press with Laser, 10-Inch

WEN 4210 Drill Press with Laser, 10-Inch

The Wen 4210 is a 10-inch drill press that is composed of a laser centering device that will astound you. This drill press is rich in features that are usually reserved for industrial presses, making it a great investment to own. The drill press has a 3.2 amp motor that delivers significant torque and power, and when this is combined with the 5 adjustable speeds (570, 900, 1390, 2050, 3050 RPM) you have a press that will power through all wood and metal in its path.

The Wen 4210 also has a sturdy and durable cast iron construction, as well as ball bearings that enhance the reliability and durability of the induction motor. Furthermore, the large worktable of the drill press bevels 45 degrees left and right, so that you can achieve precise right angles on the more difficult projects.

The 1/2 inch chuck also allows for a variety of bits so that you can have versatility in your work, while an X-pattern laser promotes accuracy when drilling.

WEN 4210 Drill Press with Laser, 10-Inch

Delta 18-900L 18 Inch Laser Drill Press

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

The Delta 18-900L is an 18-inch laser drill press that boasts of a rugged construction and versatile function. In fact, this Delta press is good enough to be used on a professional basis. The press has been designed to improve the precision and accuracy of your holes, so that you can carry out your projects efficiently.

The first thing you will notice about the drill press its 16 variable speeds, which can precisely drill through a range of materials with ease. This press also uses a rack and pinion height adjustments, adjustable locking levers, and a bright Twin laser, which work to provide easy height adjustments, simple angle adjustments, and superior drilling accuracy each and every time.

Furthermore, the drill press comes with a robust 3/4 HP motor, that can tackle challenging applications for your convenience. Additionally, the drill press has an auto tensioning belt drive system for quick speed changes, a 6 inch quill stroke for deep drilling, and a worktable with up to 90 degrees in tilting abilities.

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

Crafsman 12 Inch Drill Press

Craftsman 10" Bench Drill Press

The 12 inch Craftsman drill press can cut through wood, plastics, aluminum and steel with amazing ease and precision. This drill press has been constructed with a rigid steel and cast iron frame, which is guaranteed to perform at optimum levels for years to come.

Additionally, the press uses a powerful 1/2 HP motor, which can execute 12 spindle speeds between 355 and 3065 RPM. The combination of the powerful motor and the quick variable speeds means that the Craftsman can rip through anything in its way.

Furthermore, the drill press makes use of a laser and LED light, in order to move seamlessly from one project to another without defaulting on precision. This bench top press also has depth adjustment and X and Y axis pin point positioning, for excellent performance on a consistent basis.

Craftsman 10" Bench Drill Press

JET JDP-15B 15″ Drill Press

JET JDP-15B 15" Drill Press, 16-Speed

The Jet JDP-15B is a 15-inch bench drill press that offers incredible versatility and ease of operation. This drill press provides up to 16 speeds between 200 and 3630 RPM, so that you have the option of choosing the perfect speed for the project you are working on.

The home shop drill press also boasts of a large 10 inch by 13 inch worktable, which is made up of X-Pattern Grooves for added flexibility. This table can take on a range of applications, and even has height adjustment options and a tilt options of between 45 degrees left and right.

Furthermore, the JET drill press has a powerful 3/4 HP and 115/230-volt motor, which allows for dependable power and variable speeds. This is complemented by a 15-inch swing and adjustable tension spindle return, for repetitive hole drilling at a consistent depth.

Lastly, the JET press has a hinged metal belt, as well as a pulley cover for swift spindle speed changes.

Overview of a Drill Press

drill press is termed usually as a pillar drill and bench drill. This tool is a fixed style of drill that could be standing alone on the floor or can be mounted on a stand or work bench. This machine has a simple structure that includes a base, spindle and a drill head

Usually these tools are powered with an induction motor. Many modern day include an adjustable table that user can adjust vertically with the use of rack and pinion but in older models you would need to lift and re-clamp the position of table completely for adjustment of work piece. Distance from center of spindle to the closest pillar edge is termed as throat distance.

 A drill press size is expressed in terms of swing two times to its throat distance. For instance a tool with 8 inches throat distance would have a swing of 16 inches.

Drill Press and Hand Drill

Things To Consider Before Buying A Drill Press

1. Bench-Top or Floor Model :

When shopping you have the option of choosing between a bench-top model or a floor model. Floor models have their own set of advantages, including the fact that they are composed of more power, more accessories, and more attachments. These models also have a long swing and stroke, making them perfect for heavy-duty and professional applications.

Bench-top units on the other hand are great for at home tasks, as they are designed for simple building and construction applications. A bench-top model is also cheaper and easier to store.

2. Specialty Versions :

You will also find that drill press manufacturer’s offer specialty press version, such as magnetic and radial drill presses. A magnetic drill press is perfect for drilling holes in metal forms and structural steel. This drill version also tends to be more powerful than its floor and bench top counterparts.

Alternatively we have radial drill presses, which are ideal for executing angled drill holes. This model also has more than twice the swing capabilities of a standard machine.

3. Horsepower and Quill Travel :

When buying a drill press you will come across motor sizes that vary from 1/4 HP to 1 HP. As you can imagine, the high horsepower versions can cut large holes in hard materials. Also consider quill travel, as it will determine the depth your press can achieve. A higher quill travel means deeper holes are created.

4. Variable Speed :

Most drill presses will offer between 5 and 12 speed options, and this will allow you to bore holes with varying diameters. Variable speeds also work to prevent damage from occurring to your drill bits and the material you are drilling.  Additionally, variable speeds ensure versatility through unique speed settings.

5. Capacity :

The capacity of a drill press is determined through the distance between the center of the chuck and the front of the column. E.G. a 16.5 inch drill press can bore a hole through the center of a circular piece of stock that measures 16.5 inches in diameter.

If you are looking for versatility in your home workshop drill press, look for a capacity of 8 to 17 inches.

Final Verdict :

There it is; everything you need to know about drill presses. Using this information you can now begin to budget for your drill press, by applying the buying guide and the reviews detailed above.

Regardless of whether your press is slotted for light or heavy-duty applications, the information provided above will be tremendously useful.

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