Small Bathrooms

5 Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the worst offenders when it comes to storage problems because they often get the smallest footprint in the home, but need the most storage. Here are five ideas for small bathrooms that maximize storage space.

Choose natural accents and let in plenty of light

Using wood frames in your bathroom may seem counterintuitive to visually expanding the space, but natural elements, even if they have dimension, will open up a room. Bring the outdoors in to open up a room with space and light. Use large windows or glass walls so the natural landscape becomes less of a view and more of an extension of the room.

Wood beams can create dimension and space in a cramped bathroom. By installing wood frames and ceiling beams—or even wood panels and flooring—into your bathroom, you’re eliminating the boundary between where you shower and what lies beyond the window. A naturally accented bathroom that lets in plenty of daylight will feel like a large, indoor sanctuary.

opt for sleek bathroom fixtures

Opt for sleek bathroom fixtures

Replacing bathroom fixtures with more sleek counterparts can open up a tiny bathroom. Wall-mounted sinks and toilets free up the floor and create the illusion of more space. Many are unassuming and almost flat—perfect for miniature spaces and a minimalist vibe. Pare down on a tub and opt for a shower stall instead.

The more oblong and thin your bathroom fixtures are, the more they’ll stretch out your space. This great idea will elongate narrow bathrooms and expand the square footage width-wise.

Small bathroom idea #3: use glass

Small bathroom idea #3: use glass

You don’t limit the use of glass to the mirror above the sink. Rather than a traditional shower curtain, which traps light, opt for seamless shower doors. The transparency of the glass eliminates the boundaries between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Choose a floor mat in the same color as your floor to minimize interruption of space.

Small bathroom idea #4: accessorize the shower

Small bathroom idea #4: accessorize the shower

If you’re up for some renovation, ask your contractor to include a shower nook for natural and seamless storage. If you’re not ready to redo your shower, try a long shelf or hanging caddy for storage.

Small bathroom idea #5: get creative with storage space

Small bathroom idea #5: get creative with storage space

For small bathrooms with pedestal sinks, storage space comes at a premium. When the bathroom doesn’t naturally provide storage, get creative with placement. Less-used items, like extra towels and soap, can sit on a shelf mounted above the bathroom door.

Medicine cabinets are ideal for toiletries, but when you’ve maxed out that space, go outside the bathroom. Before cramming a multi-tiered shelf into your bathroom, use a small shelf or hutch just outside. Don’t forget your pet’s bathroom too, and use flexible litter box furniture. Use baskets and books to blend your annex bathroom storage with the rest of your décor.

get creative with storage space

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