maintain a wood router

How to maintain a wood router

Apart from many other machines that offer aid in wood working tasks, the wood router stands apart with its versatile power and use. For many years, wood routers have been recognized by wood workers as impressive tools that have made their life much easier when dealing with simple or more complex wood working projects. Wood routers can effectively make intricate designs and can make hollow of different cuts in varied wood work pieces easily. These tools have eradicated use of traditional tools like hammer, chisel etc. With varied benefits that this tool has to offer for its users, it is completely beneficial for you to learn how to use a wood router and how can you get most benefits out of this tool? It is also important to buy a wood router that is best suitable for your desired wood working task/s.

As is it is important to learn and get yourself familiar with this tool, it is also imperative that you learn how to maintain a wood router? Just like other machines, this tool can also face a number of varied problems. However proper routine maintenance can avoid and prevent from these problems. Usual problems are caused by dust and heat but these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance.

How to maintain a wood router

Tips for Maintenance

Routine maintenance needs you to follow these simple steps and you would be good to use your wood router trouble free for many years.

1. Regular Routine Maintenance:

  • Turn the wood router off and unplug before beginning to perform routine maintenance. This step is extremely important for you to remain safe. Unplugging machine can save you from dangerous accidents.
  • Make sure that you periodically inspect your machine for wear and tear. It is also recommended that if you find any damage, you must deal with it on immediate basis. Damaged tool can result in improper cutting results and can even result in accidents.

2. Maintain Parts of the Wood Router:

  • All the blades must be checked. Make sure that they are placed in proper positions firmly on the router. Replacement of damaged blades or tightening of loosen ones are jobs that require extra care and cautiousness. Consider all safety instructions for doing this job safely.
  • For smooth movement of tool over wood and for proper functioning, make sure that the base of the tool is waxed
  • Check brushes of the routers that are accessible through sides of the ports. Any damaged ones must be replaced. For replacement, just open the cover and gently take the brushes out. Before replacing new ones, make sure that the new brushes are appropriate for your type of wood router. When looking for a wood router brush, you will get different choices of brushes with varied sizes and types, so select the one that is most appropriate for your wood router.
  • One of the most important parts of a wood router is collet and regular maintenance of this part would ensure proper functioning of a router. For maintenance purpose, remove collet and the nut that retains. You can clean the debris and dirt accumulated over collect and nut by dipping them in to a solvent bath. This would soften all the dust particles. You can even use a brash brush for cleaning other smaller particles on exterior and interior of the collet.
  • Edges of the blade must be kept sharpin order to get cuts of high quality. You must sharpen blade edges occasionally.
  • Make sure all the parts are properly aligned. Some misalignment or improper adjustment of parts can cause vibration of wood. Vibration can has adverse effects on performance and accuracy of cutting.
  • Parts of this tool also need lubrication. So for proper functioning, you must lubricate parts of the wood router regularly. Make sure that lubricants used are appropriate for use over moving parts and bearings.

Keep Routers Clean for Durability and Proper Functioning for years

  • You wood router must be installed in an enclosed table and should be connected to a dust collection system. This would ensure that all the air from the bits is drawn there and it would also prevent the front door edges from overheating. Ability of connecting your router to a dust collector is one of the key features of best wood router machine and must be considered for buying choice.
  • Routers that are enclosed must be kept clean and should be maintained free of dust. This would make it certain that router doesn’t over heat while operating. You can use a high quality powered air pressure gun for removal of all the dust that may remain inside the wood router after operation.
  • Debris usually collects on top and bottom of the router from the air vents. You can vacuum that debris off. You can use a blow gun for clearing all the small debris particles that may be accumulated around motor, plunge or around collet.
  • Dust the wood router interior and it will prevent from overheating. Reduced dust particles would enable the machine to cool itself down.
  • Spinning/rotation of bearings may be facing some resistance because of dust that builds up on bearings. This could result in overheating of tool and thus bearings must be cleaned too as part of regular maintenance.
  • After each use, you must clean the router. Regular cleaning is important part of maintenance.

Ensure Proper Storage

  • Wood router must be stored in a secure manner. Storage of this appliance should be a place where it could be prevented from dust and rust. In order to have your router perform well over years, store it in a dry place.


Wood routers without any doubts are impressive machines that are made to aid you in completion of difficult wood working projects however for its proper functioning, you must make sure that proper inspection and regular maintenance is carried out for this tool. Any negligence on part of the user can result in the occurrence of a dangerous accident. Some steps and tips that we have shared here for regular maintenance will save you from all these risks so make sure to follow these. Consult wood router reviews in order to check for safety and maintenance instructions of each model of wood router.

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