What is a Wood Router

Key features of the Best Wood Router

When looking for the best wood router, it is important to consider some of the main features that you desire in order to have a machine that gives you flexibility of desired functionalities. Wood workers carry out their tasks for various applications in different ways and thus one need to decide on buying a particular type and model depending upon preferences. However the more features you look for; there would be variation in price range. So you need to consider both; the features you desire as well as the price you are willing to pay.

Key features of the Best Wood Router

Main Features of Wood Routers

Some of the key features that one may look for in the best wood router are shared here and these will aid you in narrowing down your selection choices.

1. Fixed/Plunge Base:

Fixed base routers are simple to use. All you need to do is to select the router and cut depth. With plunge base, you have the ability to plunge the router. Legs of the router with plunge base are similar to shock absorbers, you just need to push down and they will compress. Thus with these routers, you can lower bit as it spins. You can even start cutting through surface middle instead of doing that along an edge only. Plunge bases give you more flexibility however some wood workers say that they are good with their simple to set up and easy to use fixed bases. If you can’t decide on which one to get, some manufacturers also offer combination kits where you can get best of both the types. With Combo Kits you get one motor and both bases, fixed and plunge however there may be additional cost associated with getting best of two types, so do consider that!

2. Power:

Before making a purchase decision, make sure how much maximum and minimum power you would need. In order to deal with hardwood cuts, you may need a machine with horsepower 1.5 to 2.5 HP. For even heavier use with harder materials, you may need to get a model with higher HP. The range that we have mentioned though is powerful enough to comfortably handle big tasks however if you wish to carry out routine light trimming work, you can even get a smaller trim router instead of a big mounted one.

3. Controls:

Soft Start-Up: This feature ensures that the motor is brought up to a speed only gradually and thus prevents jerking of tool out of the position as you begin operating it. It gives you smoother working and even greater control for a lot of wood routing.

Variable Speed Control: Wood router reviews suggest that many of these tools come with variable speed control option. Thus in order to deal with different applications and sizes of bit, you need to set an appropriate level of speed. Variable speed is also important when you deal with larger bits diameters as in those cases you would need slower speed levels for safe use and better control. Variable speed option prevents burning of woods of varied densities.

Tool-less Bit Change System: For those of you who would need to change bits frequently, you must look for a tool-less system or for single wrench a spindle lock.

Table Height Adjustment: If your wood router is placed in a router table, then this feature would be a real advantage. You just need to shaft through the table top and can have the router move up or down. Adjusting the cut depth would need no struggling and it would be a whole lot easier with this feature.

Microfine Depth Adjustment: This feature gives you flexibility and convenience of setting cut depth accurately for fine smaller cuts with precision.

Other Special Features

  1. Metal Housing: A wood router with metal housing would give you a long lasting performance even if you are dealing with heavy load of work on regular basis. However on the other hand, a plastic housing proves to be lighter.
  2. Router Table: Hand Routing tasks can be tiring and troublesome if you are doing a lot of routing each day. In those cases, a router table is much more convenient and gives you greater control with consistent performance. Router is inverted and mounted under the table. The bit sticks up through the top of the table. You can buy a router table or can build a customized table. You will also find portable ones in market. With router table, you should consider a router with trigger control, so you can lock the position of the router with ease.
  3. Electronic Motor Feedback: Some routers also come with electronic motor feedback system that enables you to have a consistent speed maintained and it prevents bogging down of router in case of over load.
  4. Comfortable Handles: Using a wood router is not really difficult and a comfortable handle gives you more ease. Different wood routers come with varied shapes, sizes and placement of handles. So you must go for a model that offers you more control and the one that you feel most comfortable handling. You can even prefer varied styles of handles for carrying out various wood working applications. In that case you must consider models that offer you choice of handles.
  5. Dust Collection System: Keeping your tool and workplace clean is important so prefer a tool that has the ability to hook up with a dust collection system. Dust can not only be dangerous for your tool but it could give you various health issues. So having a dust collection system is important to avoid such issues.


These key features of a best wood router aid you in working out and selecting the best choice of wood router that meets your needs. You need to consider both your existing as well as future requirements as you don’t go out for buying a wood router every day or even in weeks or months. So make your decision wisely and select a tool that could be the most beneficial wood router for you.

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