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5 Bosch Laser Level Reviews-Buyer Guide 2021

I strongly believe you’ve been following my reviews on different laser levels on the market

Are you using just any laser level available to you because you remain unsure of the right one to use?

Well, after going through these reviews, I bet you’d see reasons to replace your laser level at once with these ones I’ll talk to you about right here.

Today , I am going to review Best Bosch Laser Levels – the ones I consider the overall best from the engineering and electronics giant, Bosch. Let’s do this!

The Best Bosch Laser Level Reviews 2021 (Top 5)

Bosch Professional Tile and Square Layout Laser GTL3

Bosch Professional Tile and Square Layout Laser GTL3

Yes! Bosch GTL3 hits #1 on my list of Bosch Laser Level. Surprised? No, you shouldn’t. Check out some of its awesome features.

Bosch GTL3 projects 90-lines for squaring. This means laser lines are positioned in front of laser base for easy convergence and accurate adjustment, making your task pretty easy.

It has inbuilt magnet on the bottom which provides secure and adjustable attachment on its plate and other ferrous-metal surfaces.

This tool also comes with 1 year warranty, has extremely bright laser lines, and IP54 rating – a reassurance that this tool is waterproof and dustproof.

What more could you possibly required of a laser level? Don’t like it? Try the next one.

Bosch GSL2-RT Surface Laser

Bosch GSL2-RT Surface Laser (Renewed)

This self-leveling Bosch laser level comes in at #2 on my list. There are a couple of reasons why I love to work with Bosch GSL 2.

Firstly , it can scan the entire floor in a split second instead of spot check with motorized rotary base.

Also, its convenient remote control enables users to close up the spot instead of the tool.

What’s more? It weighs 3.3 pounds, comes with 4 AA batteries – making it last for 15 hours – with line visibility of 30 feet.

Those are some of the features which endeared me to the tool. And you can trust this tool from Bosch to be all it promises.

Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Red

Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Red-Beam Laser Level GLL 55

If you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve seen so far, I believe Bosch GLL 55 is what you are looking for. Unsure? Now, here’s why:

Firstly , this is a self-leveling cross-line laser featuring vertical, horizontal and cross-line modes.

The tool can also project two lines separately or together, thus achieving greater alignment and leveling applications.

With accuracy of 1/8-inch at 33 feet, you sure can surmount daunting tasks. Speaking of which, its visibility is bright and sharp up to 50 feet.

What more do you require of a laser level? It is so light, weighing 1.1 pounds, comes with 3 AA batteries (and Lithium Ion), and with a warranty of 2 years. Indeed, I have used this  Bosch laser level in one of my works , and it still one of my favourite bosch laser levels till date.

Red-Beam High Power Laser Level GLL 30

Bosch GLL 30:

High Power Laser Level GLL 30

Just like GLL 55, Bosch GLL 30 is another self-leveling cross line laser from Bosch, but with a little difference. The thing is, it projects two lines, making a cross-line projection.

In addition to that, the Smart Pendulum System indicates, after self-leveling, if the laser goes out of level, this way ensuring that high accuracy is maintained throughout the task.

I strongly recommend this for all engineers and surveyors out there, who are look working smart.

Its laser lines are visible up to 30 feet.

Do you know you can tilt the laser to use the lines at any angle? Yes, you sure can. The pendulum locks when it is turned off, making it easy to carry.

It weighs 8 ounces and has 2 AA batteries. Therefore, it comes in at #4 of top 5 Bosch laser levels.

High Power Laser Level GLL 30

Bosch GLL 3-50:

Cross-Line Red-Beam High Power Laser Level GLL 30

Last but not least is the Bosch GLL 3-50, which makes #5 on my list of top 5 Bosch laser levels. Make no mistakes about it; it has amazing features that make it stand out. Check this out:

It is a 3-line laser designed to help you, accurately, perform your task of leveling, alignment, and plumbing. Apart from that, this laser has accuracy of 1/8-inch up to 33 feet.

Also, it has 360-degrees mounting base and a self-level pendulum, which locks when the laser is turned off – just like Bosch GLL 30.

It comes with 2 AA batteries and weighs 9.4 pounds. With all these superb features, I trust you will get the value for your money.

I can guarantee that! Bosch GLL 3-50 is reliable any day, anytime.

Cross-Line Red-Beam High Power Laser Level GLL 30

These top 5 Bosch laser levels are some of the best from Bosch. As an expert in the field, I have used a bunch of laser levels in the course of carrying lots of projects, and these laser levels are the ones I can recommend to you ,  just what you need any day anytime.

Do you need a Bosch laser level that will guarantee you accuracy, ease of use, good battery life, bright laser visibility, high IP rating, and others?

Search no further because these lasers are just what you have been looking for. Just make a pick right away. I hope you enjoyed these reviews. Trust my judgment; it’s time to make that call. Give it a try today!

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