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Best Tile Saw Reviews – Buyer Guide 2021

Do you want to upgrade your floor by tiling it? Get to do the job by yourself through a tiling saw.

A tile saw also known as wet saw is an excellent and efficient machine that enables you cut your tiles smoothly and accurately.

These machines are very easy to operate and clean.

They cut materials like porcelain, ceramic and stones.

Depending on the use you intend to perform with the tile saw, you can decide to pick one with much power or lesser power.

There are various types of best tile saw such as hand tile saws which are portable and tabletop tiles saws which are stationary.

If you have a lot of work to execute, a tabletop saw is the best option for you. But if you have small errands to run, pick a handheld portable tile saw.

With various brands and models to pick from, many people find it challenging to choose the best.

Best Tile Saw Reviews

The best tile saws come with outstanding features that ensure a smooth cutting and maintain cleanliness during the entire process.

Know what kind of project you’ve at hand before you decide to pick a particular tile saw.

The features that these tools come with determine whether you can perform light jobs or heavy ones.

If you’ve been searching for a very suitable tile saw to help you decorate your home with tiles to no avail, read this entire guide and review to be well informed o the subject.

We’ve compiled all the necessary information that you may need to identify the best tile saw.

Features to look at in tile saw

When choosing a tile saw, you need to know what features it has as these determines whether it can perform excellent or not. These features vary from one type of tile saw to another. If you want to select the best, know what to look for as you search for your most desirable tile saw.

Source of water

This is a very essential feature of any tile saw. This is because tile saws use water in a variety of ways. Water is applied to cool down the blade, avoid any damage on the tile, and lubricate the blade and tile for easy and accurate cutting. Wt saws have two methods of supplying water to the blade cutting region. The first one is by reusing water kept in a pump container, while the second one is through drawing it from a continuous source such as a hose linked to a tap.

Blade type

Most of the models on the market have varying blade types. Depending on the work or project you’ve in store, you will select a blade that will serve your purpose well. There are wet or dry blades for dry cutting and are a bit smaller in size. Also, there are wet diamond blades that have to be water cooled and are mostly found in tabletop tile saws. The size of the blade as well determines the cutting diameter and depth. Normally, blade sizes vary from 4.5 inches to 10 inches. You can select one that meets your various demands.

Blade power

This is another important factor to look at especially if you intend to carry out heavy works. If you have a big project or a lot of tiles to cut, choosing device with more power is ideal. Consider picking a tool with a horsepower of more than 0.5 but if you have lesser jobs, you can choose a tool with lesser power than that.

Blade capacity and blade adjustment

The blade capacity is the ability of the cutting head to adjust to hold to different blade sizes. If you have various projects to perform, you should consider picking an adjustable blade so that you can change them according to task.

Motor size

The size of motor you choose should be in line with the job you perform. If the job is a heavy duty one, you need to acquire a tool with a powerful motor. A weak motor will take a lot of time to cut as it doesn’t produce enough power to cut hard materials.

Overload protection

This feature assists to protect the motor from overheating and probable burning out. For those with a model with direct drive motor the tool is very vulnerable to this.

Factors to consider when looking for a tile saw

After looking at features from above to identify in the quality tile saws, here are some crucial factors that you should think of as you prepare to acquire this efficient and easy to operate tool.

Durability – one of the foremost things to look at when purchasing a tool of such magnitude is its durability. You want to acquire a tool that will not only perform well but also function for a very long while. Parts like the table and blades should be of high quality materials such as steel that is sturdy and rust free. Also, it should be compact and well designed for better functionality.

Portability – depending on the use you want the tile saw to perform, you can either select a portable tile saw, or a stationary one. A portable tile saw is ideal for small DIY jobs while a stationary one is suitable for heavy duty jobs. Portable tile saws are a bit cheaper when compared to stationary or table tile saws.

Ease of use – pick a tile saw that is easy to operate so that a novice in this professional can as well easily use it. Some tile saws are very advanced and require some skills to operate them. If you are a beginner, consider looking for a tile saw that is very easy to use.

Easy to clean – most of the devices come with a water system that cleans as you cut or work. But not all tile saws are easy to clean. Some come with sophisticated features and designs that make cleaning to be a challenge. Look for a device that cleans easily and doesn’t hold debris or other dirt that comes from cutting the tiles.

Safety feature – consider acquiring a tile saw with a safety feature. This prevents the blades from cutting the tile wrongly or damaging it. Different devices come with varying safety features and its good having such features.

Brand – the best brands are known to create quality tools with proven track records. Avoid buying a tile saw from a brand you know nothing about as you may end up with an inferior tool. View some of the top brands as they have reliable saws that have been used for years and are highly recommended from previous users. Such brands include; Dewalt, SKIL, Bosch, and Husky, among others.

Price – price shouldn’t influence how you make your decisions in buying a tile saw of your choice. There are efficient and highly reliable tile saws at a very good price. But if you want a tile saw for commercial use or large-scale, consider picking from the best qualities as they perform well. These are a bit costly but offer great performance.

Warranty – buying a tile saw without a warranty on it is a great risk. This is because the tool might have a defect that may need to be replaced or worked on to perform well. Look for a tile saw with at least one year warranty or above so that you can be certain of your investment.

The top 5 tile saw reviews

There are various types of tile saws to pick from that make this process to be tricky and cumbersome.

If it’s your first time looking for a tile saw, you will find it hard but we’ve made things easier for you by choosing the top five tile saw on the market.

This is after a thorough research on the different types and brands of tile saws on the market.

SKIL 3540-02 Wet tile saw

SKIL is a very famous brand known for creating quality and efficient tile saws that carry out cutting very well.

In addition, it is compactly designed to perform better. Also, it has an adjustable rip fence that ensures accurate and straight miter cuts are obtained.

It has a safety blade cooling water reservoir feature that secures the blade from heating up and assist lower the dust and debris during operation.

The stainless steel table top is corrosion resistant and last long.

With CULus certification, quality blades and a 3 year warranty, acquiring this wet tile saw will enable you perform the job well and fast.

Major features:

  • Corrosive resistance stainless steel top
  • Bevel cuts
  • Adjustable rip fence
  • Blade cooling water reservoir
  • Quality blades
  • CULus certified
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • It is ideal for replacing or installing various tile floors
  • Blade cooling water reservoir that keeps the blade from heating up
  • Adjustable rip fence will enable you make accurate and straight miter cuts
  • The stainless steel table top will resist corrosion after great usage.

Dewalt D2400 Wet tile saw

The Dewalt D2400 wet tile saw is a very powerful machine that can be used for both simple and heavy duty jobs.

It uses 1.5 horsepower that can handle hard materials very efficiently.

In addition, it has a huge cutting capacity which can tackle versatile jobs.

This machine is very accurate with its integrated stainless steel rail system and ensures that you acquire accurate cuttings every time.

The dual water nozzle makes sure that all the dirt and debris left behind after cutting is cleaned well for a better working environment.

As well, when you purchase this tool, you get a 3 year limited warranty and 90 day money back guarantee.

Get this unit today and get precise tile cuttings.

Major features:

  • 5 horsepower
  • Plunge
  • Rubber top
  • Dual water nozzle
  • Huge cutting capacity
  • Integrated stainless steel rail system
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 90 day money back guarantee


  • It is durably made to last long with stainless steel material
  • It is very convenient to use
  • It is very easy to set up
  • It is very accurate with the integrated rail system
  • Manufacturer offers 90 day money back guarantee

Chicago electric power tools 2.5 horsepower tile saw

This uniquely designed tile saw works very effectively in cutting all tiles or porcelain that you want to. In addition, it has 2.5 horsepower which is very powerful and can perform heavy tasks as well as light ones. Also, it has an oversized steel frame that allows precise cuttings. It has an adjustable cutting head that enables you change blades easily and perform various tasks. The powerful dual capacitor motor ensure that the tile saw runs for long hours and well without breaking down. So, whatever kind of project you’ve, get this powerful and accurate tile saw to carry out your jobs.

Major features:

  • 5 horsepower
  • 24 inch cutting capacity
  • Powerful dual capacitor motor
  • Adjustable cutting head
  • Oversized steel frame
  • Head pivots


  • It is durably made for longevity
  • It is very powerful with dual capacitor motor
  • It has an adjustable cutting head that allows the user change blades with regard to uses
  • It is very powerful and can handle hard tasks with its 1.5 horsepower

SKIL 3550-02 Wet tile saw

This wet tile is compactly designed and versatile in use. The SKIL 3550-02 wet tile saw has a sliding side extension that accommodates huge tiles. In addition, it is made of an aluminum table top which is very durable and rust resistant at the same time. The adjustable rip fence ensures that you attain accurate and straight miter cuts. The hydro lock water containment system is based near the blade and decreases clean up required. If you want a tile saw that is very efficient and easy to operate, acquire this tile saw and get a 3 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee in return.

Major features:

  • Aluminum table top
  • Bevel cut tiles
  • Sliding side extension
  • Adjustable rip fence
  • Hydro lock water containment system


  • It is of a simple and sleek design
  • It has sliding side extension that supports bigger tiles
  • Manufacturer offers 3 year limited warranty
  • The hydro lock system keeps water contained near the blade and lowers clean up
  • The adjustable rip fence allows accurate and straight miter cuts

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