best speed square for carpentry

10 Best Speed Square Reviews-Expert Recommendations

best speed square for woodworking

Tools are used for accurate and speedy work. A best quality Speed square is the one of the most value able hand tool for the carpenter for accurate measurement.

Speed squares, often hailed as the carpenter’s best friend, have transformed the landscape of woodworking. Their multifaceted utility combined with a rich history makes them an indispensable tool.

The square especially uses for corners measurements. Carpenter use for measuring 90 degrees angles of different forms like corners and wall stand straight.

What is a speed square?

Imagine a tool that helps you draw straight lines, measure angles, and even guide your saw—all in one compact triangle. That’s a speed square for you. It’s like a trusty sidekick for anyone working with wood. It’s a triangular-shaped tool that’s adept at marking, measuring, and guiding, ensuring every woodworking project is precise and professional.

L-Shaped and T shaped are mostly used.

  • L-shaped squares use for laying pattern of rafter and stair stringer.
  • T-shaped square used by draftsman for horizontal lines on the drafting table.

🔸 A Quick Glimpse into History:

“In 1925, Albert J. Swanson didn’t just create a tool; he carved out a legacy.” The founder of the Swanson Tool Company brought to life the original speed square, eliminating the need for multiple tools and streamlining the carpentry process.

If You are in Hurry or no time for more review then is a best Speed square for you.

Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book

Available from these sellers.

  •  7-inch speed square; fits in pocket.
  •  Constructed of aluminum alloy.
  •  Includes square, 62-page pocket booklet.
  • 7 by 7 by 10-inches; 1.2-pounds; 1-year warranty.

It’s an excellent Speed Square, yet you’ll also find that it is also one of the cheapest smartest Square you’ll find online.

It’s available in high quality metal and ideal numbering appearance so has a ton of 5-Star reviews. If you can get it for under $10, grab it. That’s one heck of a deal on a GOOD Versatile Speed Square! ( check current price & read reviews here ).

🔹 Why Everyone Loves Speed Squares:

  • Drawing Buddy: Need a straight line on your wood? It’s got you covered.
  • Saw’s Best Friend: Using a saw? Let the speed square guide you.
  • Angle Expert: From simple angles to complex roof pitches, it’s a breeze.

🔸 Choices, Choices!

There’s a speed square for everyone. Whether you prefer the sturdy feel of aluminum, the lightweight charm of plastic, or the long-lasting touch of steel, there’s a perfect match out there for you.

Most of the squares length in 12-Inch and its gives you 45-90 degrees angles. Its look like a ruler and not hard in measuring.

Best Value

Irwin Tools Combination Square

Irwin Tools Combination Square

  • Size: 12″
  • Metal-Body
  • 90°& 45° marking
  • Rust proof stainless steel
  • Black precision-etched scales
  • Precision-etched scales

Best of the best

Swanson Speed Square Kit

Swanson Speed Square Kit

  • Size:7″ & 12″
  • ALuminum alloy construction
  • Matte finish to prevent glare
  • 1/4 inch spaced notches
  • Multiple notch marks for scribing

Also Consider

Johnson Level & Square

  • Size:7″
  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Saw Guide & Protractor
  • Laser Etched, Permanent
  • EZ-Read Anti-Glare Coating
  • Scribing notches

🔹 Precision Matters:

Remember, in carpentry, even a tiny error can throw everything off. With clear markings that are easy to read, a speed square makes sure every measurement is just right.

Quick Tip: Keep your speed square clean. Dirt can affect your measurements, and a clean tool always works best.

I spend the many hours to search out the different types of squares for Selection Guidance.

My finding result are below in which i provides the Top Squares that available in market with different working requirements.

Top 10 Best best speed square Reviews

Product NameMaterialSizeWeightAccuracyFeaturesOverall Rating
Swanson W1201KSteel12″1.2 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
Irwin Tools 1794469Aluminum12″0.8 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
Johnson Level & ToolAluminum12″1.1 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
Swanson Tool T0112Steel12″1.2 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
DFM Small Carpenter SquareSteel4″0.4 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
Milwaukee 7″ Speed SquareSteel7″1.2 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
DEWALT DWHT46031Aluminum12″1.0 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
Stanley 46-053Steel12″1.1 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
CRAFTSMAN CMHT37525S Steel12″1.2 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor4.5/5
MAXTECH 18140MX Steel4.5″0.7 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor, level, and square4.5/5
CH Hanson 03060 Steel4.5″0.7 lbsExcellentBevel edge, ruler, and protractor, pivot feature4.5/5

Swanson W1201K-Best Sellers Professional Speed Square


The Swanson SW1201K value pack includes two of Swanson’s most popular speed square models – the standard 7″ version and the feature-rich “Big 12”. With their professional-grade durability and accuracy, these speed squares are ideal for both contractors and avid DIYers.

Its made with a heavy-gauge aluminum alloy billet. It is a tool that ensures increased accuracy during your construction process. It comes with an array of features, here are some of them:


  • Heavyweight aluminum alloy construction for durability
  • Black graduations are easy to read against the matte background
  • Diamond cutouts for quickly aligning lines and squaring
  • Integrated pivot points to simplify angle marking
  • Tables with references for rafter layouts and more
  • Includes Swanson’s “Blue Book” guide for detailed instructions

Technical Details

  • 7″ square dimensions: 7″ x 1.18″ x 0.05″
  • 12″ square dimensions: 12″ x 1.31″ x 0.05″
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Black graduations with various measurement scales
  • Weighs 1.1 lbs (7″ square) and 1.5 lbs (12″ square)


  • Extremely durable aluminum construction
  • Precise, warp-resistant measurements
  • Special cutouts and features for easy layouts
  • Trusted Swanson brand reputation
  • Pack includes beginner’s Blue Book


  • Higher price than basic plastic speed squares
  • Not great for intricate workpiece


In my experience, these Swanson speed squares deliver unmatched accuracy and ease of use. The die-cast body resists warping or deviations over time. The straight edges provide perfect 90 and 45 degree marks. The additional cutouts and features simplify otherwise tricky tasks like stair-building. Compared to flimsy plastic squares, these are in a totally different league.

Value for Money

Given their professional-level durability and accuracy, Swanson speed squares are reasonably priced. While more expensive than super basic models, dedicated hobbyists or contractors will appreciate the reassuring quality and functionality. For tools you rely on daily, it’s worth investing in something precision-engineered to last.

Comparison to Other Brands

Swanson speed squares are favorites among professional carpenters for good reason. Many cheaper brands like Johnson Level & Tool’s aluminum squares lack the same fit and finish. Swanson’s patented features like the diamond cutouts and pivot points also set them apart from the competition. The inclusion of the Blue Book gives you an edge as a beginner too.


With innovative features, unmatched accuracy, and battle-tested durability, the Swanson 7″ and 12″ speed square combo pack belongs in every carpenter’s toolkit. While premium-priced, these rugged professional-grade squares are well worth the investment. Both casual hobbyists and hardcore builders will appreciate the Swanson SW1201K value pack. It tackles core layout and squaring tasks with ease. I highly recommend these as must-have speed squares.


Irwin Tools 1794469 Aluminum Rafter Square – Lightweight and versatile

Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal-Body, 12"

The Irwin 1794469 12″ combination square is a popular metal-bodied square used for marking 90 and 45 degree angles.

This Irwin tool is made of a durable cast zinc body which has a rust-proof stainless steel blade.  With a precision-etched stainless steel blade and durable zinc body, its best speed squares for woodworking and construction tasks.

It is a great tool used in marking and transferring measurements with its precision-etched scales.


  • Sturdy zinc body resists dents and bending
  • Stainless steel blade remains straight and rust-free
  • Etched measurement scales are easy to read
  • Black gradations stand out clearly against metal
  • Compact and lightweight at just 14 oz
  • Measures 12 inches on longest edge
  • Can mark common angles like 90, 45, and 22.5 degrees
  • Edge allows use as ruler for transferring measurements

Technical Details

  • 12-inch speed square
  • Zinc alloy and stainless steel construction
  • Weighs 14.1 oz
  • Measures 5.51 x 12.4 x 0.79 inches
  • Black etched measurement scales
  • No batteries required


  • Durable metal construction
  • Reliably accurate 90 and 45 degree marks
  • Reasonably priced for a metal combination square
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Trusted Irwin brand reputation


  • Not suitable for intricate woodworking
  • More expensive than basic plastic squares


I found this Irwin combination square to perform very well for basic layout tasks. Its measurements are reliably accurate and it leaves crisp, clear angle marks. The etching is easy to read and the locking screw keeps the head securely in place. The compact size provides good maneuverability.

Value for Money

At around $13, this square is very fairly priced considering its durable metal construction and accuracy. It costs significantly less than premium brands like Starrett. For budget-minded hobbyists or professionals, it provides good value.

Comparison to Swanson Big 12

Compared to the Swanson Big 12 speed square reviewed earlier, the Irwin 1794469 is more affordable but lacks helpful features like the diamond cutouts. However, its compact size makes it better for portability. The Swanson provides more specialized functionality while the Irwin is better for basic uses.


The Irwin 1794469 combination square is a reasonably priced, accurate layout tool for common woodworking tasks. While no-frills, its durable metal construction and precision are impressive for the cost. For those seeking an affordable metal combination square, the Irwin 1794469 is easy to recommend.

Irwin Tools Combination Square, Metal-Body, 12"

Johnson Level & Tool Rafter Angle Square  – Best Overall

Johnny Square, Professional Easy-Read Aluminum

When you are looking for accuracy and durability in construction, this is the right tool for you. The Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 is a 7-inch aluminum workpro rafter square and combination used for layout tasks like marking rafter angles and cutting lines.

This 7-inch rafter square is an aluminum angle square rafter that is well suited to offer great accuracy and durability to any job or work site. Here are a number of the most unique features of this tool:

Common features.

  • Specially designed for any worksite or any job due to its aluminum body that’s gives it a long lasting feature.
  • The use of CNC machined edges gives it a great test of accuracy.
  • Very thick edges mean that they can perfectly be used as a saw guide. So, for any angle cuts, this is just perfect.
  • Perfect graduated scale and perfect intergraded distance makes it easy to make cuts on lines and strings, be it for cutting hips, valley and jack rafters, this is just what you need to make your workday complete.
  • The graduations are also made up with easy to read numbers and therefore, it’s just a simple tool to use, by anybody. The continuous scribing notches are ideal for makingn3-1/2 and 5-1/2,2*4 and other measurements on boards and other finishing’s.
  • The anti-glare protective coat ensures that the gadget reflects light diffracts sunlight rather than reflecting it enabling in to work with it either in the shade on in sunlight.
  • When using it as a saw guide, the EZ read finish increases friction to better secure a
  • Permanent graduates.
  • Matric kind of measurement
  • 0.9 x 10.2 x 8 inches in terms of dimensions.
  • Uses the rafter square style.
  • Has one handle


  • Very durable aluminum construction
  • Specialized scales for hip/valley rafters
  • EZ-Read finish for extra friction as saw guide
  • Trusted Johnson brand reputation
  • Reasonably priced for a metal rafter square


  • Not useful for broader woodworking tasks
  • More expensive than basic speed squares


I found this rafter square to perform excellently for its intended roof framing purposes. The hip/valley rafter scales provide quick references that would otherwise require calculations. The saw guide functionality is greatly improved by the EZ-Read friction finish. Overall it delivers reliable accuracy.

Value for Money

At around $15, this is reasonably priced for a specialty aluminum square. It costs a bit more than a standard speed square, but provides specialized functionality. For those doing regular roof framing, it is a good value tool.


The Johnson 1904-0700 is more compact but lacks the Swanson’s more general-purpose utility. However, its hip/valley rafter scales provide quicker references for roof layout. The Swanson is better as an all-around square, while the Johnson excels at rafter tasks.


With its roof framing-focused features, durable build quality and reasonable price, the Johnson Level & Tool 1904-0700 rafter square is a great choice for carpenters. It makes roof layout quicker and simpler. For anyone regularly framing roofs, it’s an excellent specialty square that delivers added value.

Johnson level and square

Swanson Tool T0112 Speedlite-Heavy-duty speed square

Swanson Tool T0112 Speedlite Square Layout Tool

The Swanson Tool T0112 Speedlite is an 8-inch composite speed square designed for siding and delicate materials.

 As a longtime Swanson tool user, I evaluate this specialty square based on extensive first-hand experience.

It comes in different colors from matte gray, high visibility yellow to an orange color of high visibility.

It is an ideal tool for marking cuts in 8-inch siding. Here are a number of features of this tool:

Common features

  • Comes in 8-inch size.
  • Very great for sliding
  • Has center line which helps in locating centers of round stock.
  • Easy reading due to its beveled edge
  • Has notches of 1/8 inch used for scribing lines.
  • Has an exclusive diamond cut out
  • Very high impact polystyrene used in making.
  • Comes in demotions of 8*8*1 inches.
  • Comes in grey, yellow and orange colors
  • 4 ounces’ weight
  • Colors are Gray Swanson Tool T0112 Speed Lite Square Layout tool, Gray, Made of High Impact Polystyrene


  • Durable lightweight construction
  • Specialized for siding and soft materials
  • Prevents marring and scratching
  • Affordable price for a specialty square
  • Trusted Swanson brand reputation


  • Not as heavy duty as metal squares
  • Limited uses beyond siding tasks


I found the Speedlite performed very well for tasks involving softer materials. The polystyrene body prevents any marring or scratches. The beveled edge provides clear visibility when marking siding. It also worked great as a saw guide for short 45 and 90 degree cuts. Overall it showed reliably accurate measurements.


The Speedlite’s polystyrene construction makes it very durable for a plastic square. It holds up well to job site use and won’t crack like acrylic. The composite material provides strength while remaining lightweight.

Value for Money

At around $10, the Speedlite provides specialty functionality at a reasonable price. It costs slightly more than a standard Swanson plastic square but adds siding-specific features. For those working with softer materials, it’s a worthwhile investment.


The Swanson 7-inch aluminum square is more heavy duty but could mar soft materials. The Speedlite lacks the 7-inch model’s saw guide functionality but excels at siding tasks. They complement each other well for different applications.


With its specialized polystyrene construction, the Swanson Tool Speedlite square excels at layout tasks involving softer materials like siding. It prevents marring while providing reliable measurements. For the delicate work where metal squares fall short, the Speedlite is an excellent specialty tool that fills an important niche.

Swanson Tool T0112 Speedlite Square Layout Tool

DFM Small Carpenter Square – Best mini speed square

The DFM Small Carpenter Square is a compact 3.5 x 3.75 inch speed square made of alloy steel. It provides surprising functionality given its tiny size, making it ideal as a pocket reference square for woodworkers and small circular saw guide.

DFM Small Carpenter Square Alloy Steel

Features Key features of this Handy Pocket-Sized Layout Tool include:

  • Durable alloy steel construction
  • Precisely etched 1/16″ increment measurements
  • Scribe holes for marking lines with pencil
  • Polygon miter hole pattern with included pin
  • Thick 1/4″ base edge acts as straightedge
  • Foam organizer for storage

Technical Details

  • 3.5 x 3.75 inch size
  • Alloy steel composition
  • 1/16″ etched increment measurements
  • Weighs 3.2 oz
  • Made in USA


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Packed with handy specialty features
  • Extremely portable pocket-sized design
  • Made in USA


  • High cost for a small square
  • Limited capacity due to small size


Despite its diminutive proportions, this square performs well for small layout tasks. The steel construction provides rigidity while the precise etching enables accurate markings. The miter hole feature is handy for marking angles quickly. It may lack capacity but makes up for it in portability.


Built from steel, this is an extremely durable little square. The solid metal build feels reassuringly robust compared to plastic pockets squares. It should hold up well to daily use and abuse.

Value for Money

At around $45, this square commands a premium price but offers unique functionality for its size. If you’ll use the specialty features like the miter holes, it provides good value. For cost-conscious buyers, a plastic pocket square likely suffices.


The DFM square is far more compact but can’t match the Swanson’s saw guide capacities or hip/valley rafter tables. However, its tiny size makes it uniquely portable for quick references. They work well together as complementary squares.


The DFM Small Carpenter Square packs impressive functionality into an ultra-compact size. For woodworkers needing a pocket reference square with extras like miter holes, it provides handy utility. The premium price balances against its durable steel build and Made in USA construction. For portability plus performance, it’s a great specialty square.

Best mini speed square

Milwaukee 7″ Speed Square – Best 7-inch speed square

MILWAUKEE 7in. Rafter Square MLSQ070

The Milwaukee 7 inch speed square (MLSQ070) is a precision aluminum rafter square used for layout tasks like marking angles and squaring cuts. With its durable construction and accuracy, it is a great speed square for carpentry projects. 


Key features of this 7-inch speed square include:

  • Precision machined aluminum body
  • Laser etched measurement scales
  • 1-1/8 inch heel for aligning cuts
  • High visibility red finish
  • 1 inch cutout to prop pipes

Technical Details

  • 7-inch size
  • Extruded aluminum construction
  • 1/8 inch measurement increments
  • Weighs 0.35 lbs
  • Red matte finish


  • Very durable aluminum build
  • Precisely machined for accuracy
  • Easy to read etched markings
  • Trusted Milwaukee brand reputation
  • Reasonably priced


  • Lacks some specialty features of other brands
  • Not the best for intricate woodworking


I found this speed square to perform very well for basic layout tasks. It delivers reliably accurate 90 and 45 degree markings thanks to precise manufacturing. The cutouts add functionality over basic squares. The etched scales are easy to read. Overall it provides professional-level accuracy.

Value for Money

At around $15, this square provides excellent value. It costs less than other aluminum squares while maintaining precision and durability. For budget-focused buyers, it is a great option.


The Swanson Big 12 has more specialized features but a higher cost. The Milwaukee focuses on delivering accuracy affordably. For most users, the Milwaukee is likely the better overall value for money.


With its precise machined aluminum body and accurate legibility, the Milwaukee 7-Inch Speed Square is a great choice for carpentry projects. It provides professional-level performance without breaking the bank. For those wanting an affordable and durable aluminum speed square, the Milwaukee MLSQ070 is easy to recommend.

Milwaukee 7" Speed Square -

DEWALT DWHT46031 Aluminum Speed Square

Dewalt 7 inches Premium Rafter Square

The DEWALT DWHT46031 is a 7-inch aluminum speed square designed for carpentry and construction layout tasks. With its rugged build and precision, it’s an excellent speed square option from the trusted DEWALT brand.

Key features of this speed square include:

  • Durable lightweight aluminum construction
  • Black etched measurement scales are easy to read
  • 1-1/8 inch heel for aligned cuts
  • Laser-etched increments from 1/8 to 1/2 inches
  • Compact and slim profile
  • High visibility yellow finish

Technical Details

  • 7-inch size
  • Aluminum alloy composition
  • 1/8 inch measurement increments
  • Weighs 0.5 lbs
  • 10.3 x 8.1 x 1 inch dimensions


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Precisely etched for accuracy
  • Affordable price point
  • Easy to read scales
  • Trusted DEWALT brand reputation


  • Lacks some specialty features
  • Not great for intricate woodworking


In testing, I found the DEWALT speed square to perform very well. It delivers reliably accurate 90 and 45 degree marks thanks to quality manufacturing. The etched scales are very easy to read even in low light conditions. The cutouts add functionality for specific tasks.


DEWALT products are known for durability, and this speed square lives up to that reputation. The aluminum build is lightweight yet strong enough for daily professional use. It should easily withstand job site abuse.

Value for Money

Priced at around $10, this square offers excellent value. It costs significantly less than other aluminum models while maintaining precision accuracy. For budget-minded professionals, it’s a great choice.


The Swanson Big 12 has more specialized features but also a higher price point. The DEWALT focuses on delivering durability and accuracy affordably. For most carpenters, the DEWALT is likely the better value.


With its rugged aluminum build and reliably accurate measurements, the DEWALT DWHT46031 speed square is highly recommended for professional carpentry use. It provides impressive quality and durability at an affordable price point. For a precision square without breaking the bank, the DEWALT is an excellent option.

DEWALT DWHT46031 Aluminum Speed Square - Durable and accurate speed square

Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square – Adjustable speed square

Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square Layout Tool

The Stanley 46-053 is an adjustable quick square made from heavy-duty aluminum. With its adjustable arm, it can be used for tasks like marking angles, squaring cuts, and as a saw guide. It provides added versatility over fixed speed squares.


Key features of this adjustable square include:

  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Black body with yellow graduations
  • Adjustable arm with locking screw
  • Common, hip/valley, and jack rafter scales
  • Can be used as saw guide, bevel, or protractor

Technical Details

  • 6-inch fixed square length
  • Adjustable arm extends range
  • Weighs 5.8 ounces
  • 8.7 x 8.5 x 1.4 inch dimensions
  • Black and yellow finish


  • Heavy-duty aluminum build
  • Adjustable functionality
  • Multiple built-in scale references
  • Easy to read yellow markings


  • More expensive than fixed squares
  • Adjustment knob prone to stripping


I found the adjustability delivered excellent flexibility for angled cuts and markings. The locking knob keeps the head securely in place. The aluminum body provides reliably square marks. It may lack specialty features but offers versatile functionality.

Value for Money

At around $15, this adjustable square costs more than fixed models but adds useful flexibility. For those needing that versatility, it offers good value. For more casual users, a fixed square likely suffices.


The Swanson has more specialized hip/valley scales but in a fixed design. The Stanley trades features for adjustable functionality at a lower price point. Their strengths lie in different areas.


With its durable aluminum body and adjustable versatility, the Stanley 46-053 provides a flexible, affordable option for carpenters. If you’ll benefit from its angled marking capacities, it’s a great value choice for enhanced functionality over fixed squares.

Stanley 46-053 Premium Adjustable Quick Square -

CRAFTSMAN CMHT37525S Speed Square – Affordable and reliable speed square

Affordable and reliable speed square

The CRAFTSMAN CMHT37525S is a 7-inch aluminum speed square and combination suitable for basic carpentry layout tasks. With its durable construction and clear markings, it is easy to use and reliable functionality at a budget-friendly price point.

Features Key features of this speed square include:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy to read etched graduations
  • Markings on both sides for ambidextrous use
  • Cutouts for handling and hanging
  • Can be used as saw guide or protractor

Technical Details

  • 7-inch size
  • Aluminum composition
  • Weighs 6 oz
  • Graduations in 1/8″ increments
  • Silver matte finish


  • Affordable pricing
  • Sufficiently durable construction
  • Legible etched measurements
  • Cutouts enhance functionality
  • Trusted CRAFTSMAN brand


  • Lacks premium features and accuracy
  • Not the most heavy duty option


For basic use, I found this CRAFTSMAN speed square performed very well. It marks 90 and 45 degree angles accurately. The etched scales are easy to read, even in low light. The cutouts help with handling. A good value option.

Value for Money

At just $11, this square provides excellent value. It costs significantly less than premium brands yet still delivers adequate durability and accuracy.


The Swanson has more robust aluminum construction and useful specialty features. However, the CRAFTSMAN is far more budget-friendly while still getting the job done.


With its etched legibility, cutout handles, and bargain pricing, the CRAFTSMAN CMHT37525S is recommended as an affordable starter option for DIYers. It provides reliable functionality without breaking the bank. For a basic durable square on a budget, it’s hard to beat.


MAXTECH 18140MX 4-in-1 Multi Square:

MAXTECH 18140MX 4-IN-1 Multi Square

 The MAXTECH 18140MX Multi Square combines the functionality of multiple layout tools into one versatile framing square.  This speed square made with highly durable Pure aluminum frame that provide heavy duty ABS Measurement.

Both handler user easily use this square due to Double sided tape lock ( Right and Left ).

This square specially design for measuring piping and conduit because this company provide Integrated v-groove on bottom.

Square straight and lockable edges make easy to guide Multi-square on subjected surface without using other tools for handling.

As per features you can use this square as framing square, tri square, mitre square and protractor square.

Very light in weight and ideal helper for every skilled Craftsmen to measure the critical surface in easy way.

One of the useful handy tool and Craftsmen toolbox is not complete without the Maxtech 18140MX 4-in-1 Multi Square.


Key features of this multi square include:

  • Aluminum frame with ABS plastic housing
  • Incorporated level, tape measure, T-bevel, and square
  • V-groove for measuring pipes and conduit
  • Locking straightedge guide
  • Double-sided tape allows right or left hand use

Technical Details

  • 6 x 1.5 x 6 inch dimensions
  • Aluminum and ABS plastic construction
  • Weighs 1.14 lbs
  • Black and silver finish
  • 16 ft tape measure


  • Combines multiple tool features
  • Helpful for portability and storage
  • V-groove enhances functionality
  • Straightedge improves usability


  • Durability concerns with plastic
  • Accuracy less than standalone tools
  • Bulkier than a basic square


This multi square provides versatility at the cost of some durability and accuracy compared to standalone tools. The incorporated features add convenience but aren’t as precise. The straightedge helps usability. Best for rough work rather than fine woodworking.

Value for Money

At around $25, this provides reasonable value if you’ll utilize the multiple integrated tools frequently. For occasional use, individual basic tools may be more cost effective.


The MAXTECH 18140MX Multi Square provides enhanced portability and convenience by combining multiple tool features into one. For carpenters needing integrated functionality for framing and rough work, it can add efficiency. But standalone tools likely work better for precision tasks.

MAXTECH 18140MX 4-In-1 Multi Square:

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square:

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

The CH Hanson Pivot Square is best for accurate measurement of cut lines in either-Degree or roof pitches. The CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square is an adjustable aluminum framing square used to measure and mark roof pitches and other angles. 

Its pivoting functionality enhances layout versatility for carpentry projects. This model provides you easy marking on any degree due to its locking mechanism. 

Similarly, in this square Three VU resistant vials help you identify easily measure the roof pitches, angles, indicate grade, facilitate miter cuts for accurate leveling and plumbing cuts.

This square comes with pouch for easy to carry with all protection of other tools like marking pencils and technical guide.

Its looks like beautiful as well as construct with finest machined aluminum alloy that provide long durability.

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

In short, we say that the CH Hanson 03060 is the best value speed square that to fulfill your invested money worth.


  • Pivots to allow measuring any angle
  • Locks in place for repetitive marking
  • Includes vials for leveling and finding roof pitch
  • Machined aluminum alloy construction
  • Comes with pouch, pencil, and framing guide

Technical Details

  • 12″ size
  • Aluminum alloy composition
  • Weighs 6.9 oz
  • 13 x 2.8 x 11.3 inch dimensions
  • Silver matte finish


  • Measures and locks any angle
  • Useful for repetitive roof layout
  • Integrated vials for pitching roofs
  • Durable machined aluminum construction
  • Includes handy accessories


  • Higher cost than fixed squares
  • Somewhat bulky for portability


I found the pivot functionality extremely useful for simplifying angle measurements and roof layout. It locks angles solidly in place for accurate repetitive marking. The inclusion of pitch and level vials adds helpful functionality.

Value for Money

At around $70, this is pricier than basic squares but justifies the cost through enhanced versatility. For roof framers utilizing its strengths, it provides good value. More casual users may not require the pivot function.


The Swanson has more specialized rafter scales but in a fixed body. The CH Hanson trades scales for adjustable pivot capacity at a higher price. Their utility differs.


With its smooth pivoting adjustment and integrated vials, the CH Hanson Pivot Square simplifies repetitive roof framing layout. For those needing flexible angle marking, it’s an excellent specialty square despite the premium pricing. The value depends on the user’s needs.

CH Hanson 03060 Pivot Square

Choosing the Right Speed Square: Factors to Keep in Mind

Whether you’re a seasoned carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, having the right speed square can make all the difference. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the one that’s just right for you? Here’s a breakdown of what you should consider:

🔹 Material and Durability: The material determines how long your speed square will last. Aluminum is popular for its strength and rust resistance, while plastic might be lighter and steel offers robustness. Think about the kind of wear and tear it will face and choose accordingly.

🔸 Size and Dimensions: Speed squares come in different sizes, like the compact 7-inch or the larger 12-inch. Consider the scale of your projects. For big lumber or more extensive projects, a larger size might be more suitable.

🔹 Markings and Graduations: Clarity is key! Ensure the markings are deep and easy to read. Look for both metric and imperial measurements if you work with both systems.

🔸 Extras and Features: Some squares come with added features like scribing notches or protractor functions. Think about the tasks you’ll be doing most.

🔹 Price and Value: While it’s essential to stay within budget, consider it an investment. Sometimes, paying a bit more upfront can save money in the long run if it means avoiding replacements.

🔸 Brand and Reviews: Reputation matters. Brands with a good track record often produce reliable tools. Also, take a moment to read customer reviews—they offer real-world insights!

🔹 Tool Compatibility: If you often pair your speed square with other tools, like a circular saw, ensure they work well together.

🔸 Readability and Usability: Can you read the markings under dim lighting? Is it comfortable to hold? The best tools feel like a natural extension of your hand.

🔹 Portability and Storage: If you’re always on the move, a compact square with a hole (for hanging) might be ideal. Easy storage means it’s always within reach.

🔸 Warranty and Support: Good brands often back their products with solid warranties and customer support. It’s peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

How to Use a Speed Square Properly: Mastering the Basics and Beyond

A speed square is more than just a triangular piece of metal or plastic—it’s a versatile tool that, when used correctly, can make your woodworking projects shine. Whether you’re new to this tool or need a refresher, here’s how to get the most out of your speed square.

🔹 Deciphering the Markings:

  • Your speed square comes adorned with various markings, each with a purpose. The straight side is typically used as a ruler, while the hypotenuse (the longest side) often has a protractor for measuring angles. Familiarize yourself with each marking; it’s the first step to mastery.

🔸 Measuring with Precision:

  • Angles: The protractor side helps measure angles. Place the pivot point (the right angle of the square) against the wood, and pivot until you align with the desired angle.
  • Levels and Squareness: To check the squareness of a piece, place the speed square so its lipped fence is anchored on the edge of the wood. The straight side will tell you if your piece is square.

🔹 Crafting Accurate Lines and Cuts:

  • For straight lines, use the square’s straight side or hypotenuse, depending on the length and angle you need.
  • For angles, pivot the tool using the pivot point until you hit the desired degree on the protractor side, then draw your line.

🔸 Guiding Your Saw:

  • A speed square can act as a trusty guide for your circular saw. Anchor the lipped fence on the edge of your wood, and the straight side of the square provides a perfect guide for your saw to follow.

🔹 Maximizing Your Speed Square: Tips and Tricks:

  • Scribing Notches: Some speed squares come with notches along the straight side. They’re great for making parallel lines quickly.
  • Circular Arcs: Need a perfect curve? The pivot point can act as a center, and you can scribe arcs or circles by holding a pencil at the desired distance from the pivot.
  • Roof Pitches: Many speed squares have a common rafter table, which can be a lifesaver when working on roofs.

Different Measurements with Square

  • Check Square Accuracy.
  • Length Board Making.
  • Wall Cutting Measurement.
  • Find Center point of Circle.

Checking a square for accuracy

Before you use the frames, make sure it is accurate. On linearity in linear language. Then drag the tongue over the edge, and draw another line down the blade of the same spot. If the lines are parallel, the square is true, but if they make the X or V, it is turn off.

Length Board Making

Make quick and straight lines ripping off the board. Combination of shelf standards for holes line from Square. First, change the Pitch, so blade project in the right distance from the head. Then hold your pencil before the finish and runner is square along the body. It also works on speed Square.

Wall Cutting Measurement

For correct wall that the upper part of T is place on the edge of the Circle and Hold Blade with Hand. Utility knife, scoring paper on the front, snap back cover to V, and reach more score paper in the valley. Now place the sheet in another way to release it and use square quarries.

Find Center point of Circle

The corner angle of the square starts at the edge of the circle. Next, the mark where the blade and tongue pass out of the circle. Connect these two points to the correct line, then move on the square and do it again. Where the two diameter lines cross the circle is consider the center point.

Measuring Roof Pitches with Speed Square:

The best rating speed is quite expensive, which quickly begins to get any roof. The key is a protractor function that identifies the common and rare roof pitches. So the common roof square is measured by the textbook guidance above the protractor.

Common roof pitches set as grow inches over a twelve-inch run. You will find this reference for common rafters between 1 inch and 30 inches. The above common manual is the HIP-VAL manual, which is to determine the front to end location of the roof.

The diamond cut is applied to the pitch line that is drawn across the board will allow you to make a 90-degree line perfectly on your line on the edge of the board. If you need to search the surface level, but for some reason, you do not have a bladder level, you can improve the speed of the pitch and plumb-bob.

Maintenance and Care for Speed Squares: Ensuring Longevity and Precision

A speed square is a tool that, when taken care of, can serve faithfully for years. But like any tool, it requires periodic maintenance and care to ensure it remains accurate and functional. Here’s a guide on how to keep your speed square in tip-top shape:

🔹 Cleaning and Rust Prevention:

  • Regular Cleaning: Using a soft cloth, wipe down your speed square after each use to remove any sawdust or debris.
  • Rust Prevention: If you have a metal speed square, especially one made of steel, it’s vital to prevent rust. A light coat of oil, like WD-40, can keep rust at bay. Ensure it’s wiped off before your next use to avoid transferring oil to the wood.

🔸 Storing with Care:

  • Dry Place: Always store your speed square in a dry place, away from moisture which can cause rust or warping.
  • Easy Access: Use a pegboard or tool drawer, and if your square has a hole, you can hang it up. Keeping it easily accessible ensures you’ll use it often and notice any issues promptly.

🔹 Accuracy and Calibration:

  • Regular Checks: Periodically, use a known square edge (like a machinist’s square) to check the accuracy of your speed square.
  • Calibration: If you find any discrepancies, it might be time to get a new speed square. Unlike some tools, most speed squares can’t be recalibrated.

🔸 Addressing Wear and Tear:

  • Visual Inspection: Over time, markings can fade, and edges can wear down. Regularly inspect for any signs of damage.
  • Replacement: If a section of your square is damaged or if the markings are no longer visible, it’s safer to invest in a new one. Accuracy is paramount in woodworking.

🔹 Sharpening Edges and Enhancing Markings:

  • Markings: If markings start to fade but are still slightly visible, you can use a permanent marker to retrace them. However, ensure you’re precise, so you don’t compromise the square’s accuracy.
  • Edges: The edges of a speed square should be straight and sharp. If they become dulled due to any reason, it’s better to replace the tool rather than trying to sharpen it.

Remember, a well-maintained tool not only lasts longer but also ensures the quality and accuracy of your work. Treat your speed square with care, and it’ll be a reliable partner in all your woodworking ventures!

Bottom Lines:

The reviews of speed square wrote upper site is not exhaustive, but you get the idea. The best quality speed square option is the upper line of tools by reputable manufacturers that provide excellent customer satisfaction.

You can agree that this tool is accurate and suitable for all types of wood. The best speed pitch you’ll find specially designed to make the roof work easier.

For those who need more help to pick up many options available on the market, we have been able to research and determine some of the best options that can be considered.

You know that one size does not fit everything, so what is the ideal speed square one carpenter might not necessarily be suitable for the other.

One of the main issues in the selection of a square is the project that is intended. Other considerations include materials, weight, durability and perhaps costs.

Once you’ve selected your speed pitch, enjoy the greater flexibility you experience in this all-in-one tool for your woodwork and carpentry projects.

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