dewalt 616 router review

DEWALT DW616 Router Review : Heavy Duty Power for the Advanced Woodworker

The DEWALT DW616 router combines raw power and fine-tuned precision for advanced woodworking needs. Its burly 1.75 HP, 11 amp motor plows through the toughest hardwoods without flinching, while the micro-adjustable depth settings enable smoother-than-silk joinery fits.

DEWALT DW616 Router Review

This rugged fixed base router satisfies discerning woodworkers who demand perfection. The machined aluminum and hardened steel construction thrives in demanding shop environments. It’s a professional-grade tool ready to churn out gallery-worthy work.

Thoughtful touches like overmolded grips and quick release motor latches increase comfort and convenience during extensive use. The clear sub-base magnifies visibility to keep focus on the cut. With template guide compatibility, the DW616 turns novice hobbyists into routing rockstars practically overnight.

This router combines unrelenting power and uncompromising precision. Seasoned woodworkers trust the DW616 to handle their gnarliest routing tasks. It expands the scope of what’s possible in woodworking through sophisticated joinery and buttery micro adjustments.

Having over 10 years of experience as a professional woodworker and workshop instructor, I’ve gotten to test out every major router on the market. My goal is to provide woodworkers with honest, authoritative reviews on woodworking tools based on extensive hands-on use.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how this cornerstone router delivers on DEWALT’s promise. Discover why it deserves a spot in every serious woodworking shop.

In this comprehensive review, I’ll share my expert insights on the DW616’s performance, key features, pros and cons, and how it stacks up against competitors like Bosch and Festool. My aim is to provide reliable, trustworthy advice to help fellow woodworkers make the best purchase decision.

Key Features of the DEWALT DW616

Some standout features of this rugged fixed base router include:

  • 1.75 HP, 11 amp motor provides abundant power for heavy routing
  • Micro-fine depth adjustment in 1/64” increments for precision
  • Quick release motor latches for fast base changes
  • Clear Lexan sub-base for visibility and durability
  • Rubberized handles add comfort and control
  • Accepts template guides for pattern routing
DEWALT Router Compact and Portable, Corded (DW616)

The Power You Need

DEWALT Router, Fixed Base, 1-3/4-HP, 5/128” Per Turn

The 1.75 HP motor gives the DW616 all the strength you need for deep cutting in hardwoods. It plows through tough grain smoothly without slowing down. The soft start is gentle on the motor.

The variable speed control ranges from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM. Match your speed to the material and task for optimized performance.

Dialed In Accuracy

The micro adjust depth ring is a big advantage of the DW616. Make precise increments down to 1/64” to fine tune the cut depth. This allows for perfect joinery fits.

The concentricity gauge ensures the sub-base and bit are perfectly aligned. This boosts routing accuracy and reduces wandering.

Designed To Last

From the metal motor housing to the clear Lexan sub-base, the DW616 is built from quality materials to withstand heavy use. Convenient features like the overmolded grips and detachable cord add to its durability.

The dust sealed switch prevents dust ingress that can shorten switch life. It’s ready to keep working in a busy shop.

Compact and Portable, Corded (DW616),Yellow

Ideal Uses

The DEWALT DW616 shines brightest at:

  • Dados, grooves, rabbets, and precision joinery
  • Heavy edge profiling in tough woods
  • Deep mortises and laminate trimming
  • Pattern and template routing

It has the power and accuracy for advanced woodworkers doing complex projects. The lack of plunge function does limit versatility for some.


  • Powerful 1.75 HP motor won’t bog down in hardwoods
  • Micro-fine depth adjustment ring allows precise increments
  • Quick release motor latches enable fast base changes
  • Lexan sub-base is durable and provides visibility
  • Rubberized grips add comfort during use
  • Can use template guides for pattern routing


  • Lack of plunge function limits versatility
  • No soft start at full speed may cause gouging
  • Bit changes require two wrenches
  • At 17 lbs, it is heavy and tiring for extended use

Comparison to Other Routers

DEWALT DW618 – Very similar 2.25 HP router but includes plunge base for more versatility. Lacks micro adjust depth ring.

Bosch 1617EVSPK – Popular 2.25 HP combo kit. More portable at 10 lbs. Lower price point.

Festool OF 1400 – Higher precision and power at 2.6 HP. Excellent dust collection. Costs significantly more.

Makita RT0701C – Compact and ergonomic at only 3.9 lbs. Underpowered for heavy duty use.

dewalt 616 router review


The DEWALT DW616 provides a robust fixed base routing solution thanks to its abundant power and fine depth adjustments. The lack of plunge function makes the DW618 or Bosch 1617 better choices for those needing maximum versatility.

DEWALT Router Compact and Portable, Corded (DW616)

Alternative Routers

DEWALT DWP611 Compact Router

The DWP611 is a lightweight, versatile router perfect for beginners starting out in woodworking. It has a 1.25 HP motor with variable speed control that provides ample power for basic edge routing, flush trimming, and simple joinery cuts. The dual LED lights and clear sub-base offer great visibility. Easy bit changes and depth adjustments make this an accessible choice for novices to learn routing. At 5.5 lbs, it’s comfortable for extended use. The DWP611 is an excellent affordable starter router.

Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit

This popular router combo kit from Bosch provides both fixed and plunge bases for versatility. The powerful 2.25 HP motor enables smooth routing even in hardwoods. Precision machined aluminum bases stay flat and true. Constant response circuitry maintains speed under load. At just 10 lbs, the 1617EVSPK strikes a nice balance of power and maneuverability. Convenient features like the trigger control, shaft wrench storage, and adjustable handles make it comfortable to use for long periods.

Kreg Precision Router Table System

The Kreg PRS1040 router table transforms a handheld router into a precision cutting machine. The sturdy steel stand has adjustable feet for stability. The table inserts allow mounting your router either flush or with the fixed base attached. The fence adjusts smoothly and locks in place securely with minimal deflection. Dust collection options keep your work area clean. Expandable router table wings and numerous accessories are also available.

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