dewalt 611 router review

Dewalt 611 router review

The DEWALT DWP611 is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use router perfect for pro and woodworking beginners (available at Amazon for $138.25). With its 1.25 HP motor, adjustable speed control, and dual LED lights, it can handle a wide variety of routing tasks.

This powerhouse combination of versatility, precision, and thoughtful design makes routing accessible for any aspiring woodworker. Where other compact routers fall short, the DWP611 exceeds expectations to deliver professional-grade performance.

Its smart features instill confidence instead of frustration for beginners exploring the vast potential of routing. Yet it retains the strength and capabilities to satisfy experienced users on demanding jobs.

Its smart features instill confidence instead of frustration for beginners exploring the vast potential of routing. Yet it retains the strength and capabilities to satisfy experienced users on demanding jobs.

This router stands out in a crowded market because it simply works. It works exactly how a router should straight out of the box. No tweaking needed.

In this DEWALT DWP611 review, we’ll cover its key features, pros and cons, ideal uses, and compare it to similar routers.

Let’s dive into this game-changing router designed for woodworkers, by woodworkers. Discover why it deserves a spot in your shop and in your heart.

Key Features

Some standout features of the DEWALT DWP611 compact router include:

  • Powerful 1.25 HP motor provides ample power for common routing tasks. 16,000 to 27,000 RPM speed range.
  • Variable speed control dial helps match speed to material and task. Soft start feature prevents gouges.
  • Dual LED lights illuminate the work area for improved visibility.
  • Clear sub-base for maximum workpiece visibility during operation.
  • Depth adjustment ring provides precision depth control down to 1/64”. Locking tabs keep base secure.
  • Large spindle lock button allows easy bit changes with one hand.
  • Ergonomic design with low profile grip gives excellent control during use. Weighs only 5.5 lbs.
Variable speed control with soft starting motor


  • Strong enough for heavy duty edge routing, flush trimming, and simple joinery cuts
  • Variable speed control improves routing precision
  • LED lights are bright and eliminate shadows
  • Depth adjustment ring allows for fine, incremental bit depth changes
  • Well balanced and easy to maneuver even at full depth


  • Lack of soft start at full speed may cause gouging in some materials
  • Collects dust inside motor housing during use
  • Noisy at higher speeds compared to other compact routers
dewalt 611 router review

Ideal Uses

The DEWALT DWP611 shines brightest as a router for:

  • Edging boards and panels
  • Light duty joinery like grooves, dados, rabbets
  • Flush trimming laminates and veneers
  • Small signs, trivets, and decorative projects
  • Template routing with guide bushings

It has enough power for most beginner needs, but may be underpowered for heavy joinery work. The lack of a plunge base does limit more advanced routing capabilities.


Compared to the similarly priced Bosch Colt, the DEWALT DWP611 has a more powerful motor and brighter LED lights. It lacks the soft start at full speed and fine speed control that the Colt offers.

The DWP611 is priced lower than premium routers like the Festool OF1010. It’s an excellent value for a starter router, but can’t match the features and accuracy of the Festool.

dewalt 611 router review


For those needing an affordable, versatile router to learn the basics of routing, the DEWALT DWP611 is a great choice. It has ample power for common tasks and nice features like the variable speed dial and dual LED lights. Just be aware of its limitations for heavy duty joinery work.

dewalt 611 router review

Other Router

DEWALT DW618PK 2-1/4 HP EVS Fixed Base Router Kit

  • Higher power 2-1/4 HP motor, 12 amps. Ideal for heavy-duty routing tasks.

Bosch 1617EVSPK 2.25 HP Router Kit

  • Popular versatile kit with both fixed and plunge base. Soft start feature.

Bosch Colt Palm Router

  • Compact and lightweight at only 1.25 lbs. Great for small jobs.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

  • Turn your router into a table router. Ideal for small shops.


  • Premium solid carbide router bits made in USA. Wide selection of profiles.

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools

  • High quality American made router tables, lifts, and accessories.

ROCKLER Router Table Fence

  • Heavy duty, micro adjust fence expands routing capabilities.

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